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Steve's Photo I'm a web & media consultant, a project leader, and an organizational psychology student Washington University in St. Louis. Currently, I'm working on projects with Left Brain and KDHX Community Media.

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KDHX DJs New Years Party Picks

As 2011 was coming to a close, we asked KDHX DJs to tell us what three songs they would want everyone to hear at the greatest party they could imagine. While we couldn’t find every track (go figure) submitted, we came up with this hour-long variety show. The happy factor starts high, dips in the middle, and comes back strong to end with a kiss. Cheers!


  1. M.I.A. – Paper Planes from Rob Levy
  2. The Chambers Brothers – Time Has Come Today from Keith Dudding
  3. Johnny Socko – Vinnie’s Hooch from Nick Cowan
  4. The Hold Steady – Party Pit from Roy Kasten
  5. George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic – Not Just Knee Deep (Reprise) from Christopher Lawyer
  6. Ramones – Do You Remember Rock And Roll Radio from Keith Dudding
  7. Charlie Robison – New Year’s Day from Ed Becker
  8. Josh Ritter – Empty Hearts from Chris Bay
  9. Slaid Cleaves – New Year’s Day from Ed Becker
  10. Ween – It’s Gonna Be A Long Night from Nick Cowan
  11. New Order – Blue Monday from Rob Levy
  12. MGMT – Kids from Rob Levy
  13. The Walkmen – In the New Year from Chris Bay
  14. Joe Strummer – All In A Day from Keith Dudding
  15. Sy Smith – Drop That from Wil Wander
  16. The National – All The Wine from Chris Bay
  17. Booker T. & The MG’s – Can’t Be Still from Christopher Lawyer
  18. Strange Fruit Project – Good Times from Wil Wander
  19. Michael Franti & Spearhead – Hey Now Now from Wil Wander
  20. The Clash – The Magnificent Seven from Christopher Lawyer
  21. Luis Aviles – I’ll Be A Happy Man from Roy Kasten
  22. Wanda Jackson – Rip It Up from Roy Kasten
  23. Johnny Otis – Happy New Year Baby from Rich Bartag

‘Poet-athletes’ break world record in St. Louis

Soccer balls — 428 to be exact — dribbled by an equal number of soccer players broke the Guinness world record for the most number of soccer balls dribbled at the same time. More importantly however was the exposure brought to the work of America SCORES St. Louis, a nonprofit organization that teaches kids how to balance and enrich their lives with soccer, poetry and community service. St. Louis University, along with some generous corporate sponsorship and a sea of yellow-shirted volunteers, provided the resources necessary to shuffle kids and their parents around the SLU field. Mayor Slay was on-hand to help count down the 6 minutes of dribbling required to secure the record.

America SCORES St. Louis’ next big production is the SCORES St. Louis Poetry Slam on November 18, 2011; the event will feature students reciting original poems. You may check out their website at

Announcing Future Improvements to KDHX Live & Archive Streams

No, you still can’t pause (that’s a legal & licensing issue).

But, we’re working on some other infrastructure changes that should keep your computer singing. You see, a few weeks ago, Amazon Web Services, a cloud computing-based stream hosting provider had a nasty glitch that kept the virtual stream machine from writing-to or reading-from its virtual hard drive. No modern computing system likes to be in such a position, so naturally it did what any other sensible computer would do: it freaked-the-wut-out.

During that time, we couldn’t access the virtual server, so we couldn’t launch a slave server and there was nothing we could do but wait. Amazon worked out the issues for most of their clients operating on the same server block as KDHX over the next several days, but finally told us that our streams and data for the past two weeks were lost. They credited us some 40 170 (updated 5/19, sl) bucks for our loss.

It was right about then that we were sure that weren’t taking enough control of the situation.  We had been planning for a case where we didn’t have enough bandwidth or computing resources and could easily scale up with Amazon Web Services, but we didn’t really think Amazon’s cloud would dry up on us. We’re very, very sorry; particularly to the kind Peter Garea, our newest host of the show “Lush Life,” whose fans weren’t able to tune back in to listen to the inaugural show.

We’re now in the process of redesigning the architecture, and while we’re at it, we’re going to go ahead and add some native streaming capabilities for the iPhones and iPads. So in the future,’s primary stream is going to be hosted on a non-Amazon dedicated server and we’re going to use Amazon Web Services both as a backup solution and as a slave streaming server solution in case we need to scale up to handle demand. These changes should be taking shape in the next three weeks. By using multiple companies, we’ll have copies of the streams in multiple locations throughout the U.S., adding a lot of recovery options in case one of the companies has data loss. At the same time, we’re actually going to be able to reduce cost: definitely a plus for stretching your donations further!

We want everyone to trust that KDHX will be there for them when they need it. We expect that these changes will keep you from experiencing such extreme stream outages ever again.

New faces and new threads from STL Style on

New shirts available from

Back row: Paul, Chris, Amanda, Tonette. Front row, Stephany, Sarina, Eva.

KDHX just received a new shipment of T-shirts from the folks at STL Style, as well as the brand new logo shirt in the baddest of blacks.

We have two styles from STL Style:

We tried showing off the shirts on a creepy, headless mannequin we found in the old TV studio’s prop room, but somehow it didn’t capture the magic that’s emitted from the smile of a bona fide, live St. Louisan.

Armed with a background in production logistics, Craigslist, a few friends and a last-minute, rescue stand-in from the LGBT Community Center of St. Louis, Sarina Dewachter (our Belgian intern, pictured front-center) coordinated a photo shoot to show off the new gear from our Euclid Studio. Some of our volunteer models are developing professional careers, so please contact Scott, our volunteer coordinator if you are interested in hiring them for your next shoot. We’ll be sure to put you in touch.

Did you miss out on the fun? It’s not too late! Send us photos of you and yours wearing KDHX gear: E-mail store -at- kdhx -dot- org and we might decide to show off your style in the future.

Photos: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @KDHX on March 23, 2010

In a unique flyby performance, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club dropped into the 88.1 KDHX Magnolia Ave Studio for an all acoustic set. Check out some Black Rebel Motorcycle Club by opening the archive for Juxtaposition with Rob Levy on March 24, 2010.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

All Aboard for Trolleys in the Loop

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Next Wednesday, July 8, the Loop Trolley Company will be displaying proposed routes and plans for the public to view during an open house at the Regional Arts Commission. Joe Edwards (the dude responsible for Blueberry Hill, the Pageant, the Moonrise Hotel and more) sat in on a forum this past Thursday morning at the St. Louis History Museum, alongside Catherine Powers (Planning Director at the City of Clayton) Joe Adams (Mayor of U City( and John Carroll (Chairman of Portland Streetcar, Inc. in Portland, Oregon). Each of them expressed their support and interest in seeing a new transportation mode up and down Delmar Boulevard in St. Louis, Missouri.

This forum continued a 10-year long conversation about laying streetcar tracks that run from the Lions Gate at the east end of the Loop, down Delmar to DeBaliviere, then running south to circle around the History Museum. John Carroll told a story about Portland’s experience during his 14 years working in the downtown transportation program, which started similarly to the idea we have for St. Louis. Some of the interesting points he noted included lots of new business and residential development, an increase in foot traffic on the street, safer neighborhoods, and a great deal of pride. John Carroll said that they were able to complete the tracks in Portland at a rate of three blocks every two weeks. He also noted that although the Portland streetcars run in the same streets as cars and many bicyclists, they’ve only had one accident in seven years when a car ran a red light in front of a streetcar.

The public information open house is where the public can learn more, ask questions, and talk about the proposed route, trolley vehicles, impact on the neighborhood, and issues like accessibility, parking, and taxes.

RAC is located at 6128 Delmar Blvd, St. Louis, MO 63112. The open house runs from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm, on, Wednesday, July 8. A 15 minute slide presentation can be caught at 4:30 pm or 6:00 pm. If you’d like to know more, or if you would like to request special assistance or accommodations, email info at looptrolley dot org or call Citizens for Modern Transit at (314) 231-7272.

To read more about the project, check out or read Steve Patterson’s post at UrbanReviewSTL.

Midwest Mayhem: Bring Your Camera!

Midwest Mayhem 2009 Photo Contest

Midwest Mayhem is upon us, and we want to see it through your lens. Bring your camera and upload your photos to flickr. Tag them “kdhx” and “midwestmayhem.” The winner of the selected photo will receive two tickets to opening night at Twangfest on June 10, featuring Alejandro Escovedo and a KDHX t-shirt!

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