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Mark Hyken's Photo I'm a veteran KDHX programmer and host of Time Warp Radio, every Friday morning from 5 a.m. - 7 a.m. CST on 88.1 in Saint Louis. Follow my blog for news and reviews of truly classic classic rock: progressive, to folk rock, to psychedelic to heavy rock and beyond.

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Members of the local and nationally famous band Spur and the Unknowns to sit in on Time Warp Radio

Spur of the Moments LP with 4 tracks off the original and more from the bands vaults.

After last Friday’s very successful co-host program with one of the first DJs to play rock music on the FM dial, Steve Rosen…I’m pleased to announce that at 6:30 a.m. Central this Friday, July 2,  2 members of the former popular local band “the SPUR/Unknowns” will be joining me in the KDHX studio. That’s right, both Steve Bratzke (guitar) and Rick Willard (vocals, bass) will be sitting in during Time Warp Radio with their new re-issue “Spur of the Moments” (4 tracks from the original LP and rare cuts from the vaults). The disc is available now on Drag City Records. The band’s original LP “Spur of the Moment” is presently selling for over $300 a copy!

Spur A. the palace in Belleville

The Spur/Unknowns were a part of the 60′s and 70′s music scene and played shows with many notable acts, including the Grateful Dead, The Byrds, Cream, Bob Seeger, The Rascals, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Vanilla Fudge, and more. Of course they also played at the Castaway, Rainy Daze and all the famous local spots. The band’s local favorite track was “Don’t Ever Trust a Women” which received lots of FM air play. The band’s manager was the infamous Prince Knight. Rick is going to bring in a clean copy of “Don’t Ever Trust a Women” as mine is pretty worn out! I don’t know if we will be able to coax him into singing it live.

Please tune in and say hi to the guys. It’s going to be a total gas!

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1967 underground KSHE DJ to sit in with Mark Hyken

That’s right, on Friday, June 25, 5-7 a.m., original, 1967,  pre-format “cowboy FM” DJ Steve Rosen will be visiting 88.1 KDHX to sit in with Mark Hyken on Time Warp Radio. We will play some jazz, blues, rock, and more from back in the early cowboy days of format-free, non-corporate radio. I’m sure Steve will have some great stories to tell. Become our friends on Facebook whenever you like. Although the program is on 5-7 a.m. on Fridays, it can still be podcasted for 2 weeks afterwards. Steve will gladly take your phone calls during the program at 314-664-3688.

Steve Rosen behind the mic at KSHE in 1967

Mark Hyken behind the mic of Time Warp Radio on KDHX