Photography highlights: November 13-19

Art can be lovely, mesmerizing, breathtaking and thought provoking. However, art can also be destroyed. Thanks to Art Attack 3 a crowd of 200 plus KDHX supporters saw art destruction in the form of a buck-tooth, chainsaw-wielding mad man. And that was just one of five destruction methods.

On a destruction-less note, Howie Day dazzled the Duck Room on a Thursday evening then just two days later Katie Herzig and Butterfly Boucher did the same at the Old Rock House. Lydia Loveless and The Fling stopped by the good ‘ol Magnolia Avenue Studios for a live performance.

And that folks, sums up yet another week of photography highlights.

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Art Attack

Art Attack at Neo. Steve Ley

Katie Herzig

Katie Herzig at the Old Rock House. Ben Mudd

Howie Day

Howie Day at Blueberry Hill. Jarred Gastreich

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KDHX photography highlights: October 23-29

The Pageant’s Monday night dance party that kicked off the last week of October meant one of two things, One: Chromeo was in town with Mayer Hawthorne or Two: Monday is the new Friday. The Smokers Club Tour featuring Curren$y and Method Man kept the early-week party trend rolling and by time the Pageant cleared the haze it was Friday and time for the weekend to really begin with a post-World Series win Southern rock party courtesy of the Drive-By Truckers.

Austin based-trio Ume gave St. Louis a friendly reminder that Texas has exported more than a 2nd place baseball team and rocked the Firebird into a thrash trance. Peter Wolf Crier and Union Tree Review did their Indie thing at Off Broadway and Zion and the Lion Roots Band released their fourth album “Crying for Freedom” at Club Viva. The past week in photos was a busy one and proof that the KDHX photographers taste in music is as eclectic as their style.

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Chromeo at the Pageant. Louis Kwok

Method Man

Method Man at the Pageant. Louis Kwok

Drive-By Truckers

Drive-By Truckers at the Pageant. Nate Burrell


Ume at the Firebird. Nate Burrell

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Photo essay: Street musicians, the sound of the sidewalk

Street musicians connect with their audience where it counts the most, their everyday lives. In this piece, I document nine performers in action, live from the sidewalks you walk on.

I chose to create a photo essay on street musicians because they are everyday people who inspire people like themselves. Street musicians fill the streets with beautiful music that touches people in route to completing their day.

As Zalinksy, Dan Aykroyd’s character in the movie “Tommy Boy,” said: “I make car parts for the American working man because that’s what I am and that’s who I care about.” Street musicians share music with everyday people because that’s who they are.

Street musicians can be found across St. Louis in the most public of places. Each musician has his or her own reason for sharing his or her music on the sidewalks. Some do it as a source of income. Some do it for the pure enjoyment of playing for others. Regardless of why they perform in public, they all have one thing in common — sharing their love of music, and perhaps to earn some change, even eek out a small living, along the way.

The most common places to find street musicians (or buskers as they’re sometimes called) in St. Louis are the Delmar Loop and Downtown, especially near events that draw large crowds. There are occasional sightings on or near Metrolink platforms, on South Grand in the theatre district, in the Central West End or popular hangout spots where there are crowds of people.

Wayne Valentine

Wayne Valentine

Guitar player Wayne Valentine was found on a Tuesday afternoon at 1 p.m. on the Delmar Loop. He was playing under the pavilion next to Market Pub House. Valentine comes to the loop two to three days a week.

Wayne Valentine

Valentine plays jazz and ragtime music by Scott Joplin. He primarily plays guitar, but is also classically trained on the piano. Valentine plays at open mics from time to time. “It’s nicer to play to an audience than to four walls,” says Valentine.

Wayne Valentine

The 49-year-old has been playing since the age of 12. After hearing him play, a woman affiliated with the Julliard School for Performing Arts told him that he has a “gift for composition.”

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KDHX photography highlights: September 18-24

An Horse, Vetiver and Those Darlins all made a stop at the Magnolia Avenue Studios, The Dodos, the Luyas, Dark Dark Dark performed at Off Broadway and Alison Krauss and Union Station spent Thursday night at the Fabulous Fox Theatre. Joy Formidable, whose song “Whirring” caught the attention of Dave Groehl (he called it the best song of the year), rocked the Firebird and as always, Harvest Sessions carried on.

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The Dodos

The Dodos at Off Broadway. Ben Mudd


Those Darlins at Off Broadway. Kate McDaniel


Vetiver in-studio at KDHX. Kelsey McClure

Those Darlins

Those Darlins in-studio at KDHX. Nate Burrell

The Luyas

The Luyas at Off Broadway. Ben Mudd

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KDHX photography highlights: September 4-10

The past week begins with a Monday night latin/reggae/shred session with Michael Franti and Santana at the Fox Theatre. Then all of a sudden it became Friay and as a result two photographers ventured West for the Roots ‘N Blues Festival in Columbia, MO while one went incognito to catch AUCW5 at the Firebird. Harvest Sessions carried on and blues photographer Rick Priest makes his deput on photography highlights with photos from Walter Trout‘s show at BB’s Jazz, Blues and Soups.

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Michael Franti

Michael Franti at the Fox Theatre. Sam Africano


Crowd at Roots 'N Blues 'N BBQ Festival. Kelsey McClure

Robert Lee Coleman

Robert Lee Coleman at Roots 'N Blues 'N BBQ Festival. Nate Burrell

Walter Trout

Walter Trout at BB's Jazz, Blues and Soups. Rick Priest

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KDHX photography highlights: August 28 – September 3

As summer comes to a close, Harvest Sessions carries on, the in-studios are still frequent and our photographers are as busy as bees.

The past week in photography features Misla performing at the Tower Grove Farmer’s Market, pop-trio Dispatch, singer and songwriter Gillian Welch, local favorite Cassie Morgan and the Lonely Pine and a KDHX in-studio session with Ume.

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Ume in-studio at KDHX. Nate Burrell

Star & Micey

Star & Micey at Off Broadway. Johnny Andrews


Dispatch at the Pageant. Sam Africano


Misla at Harvest Sessions. Sara Finke

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Concert review and photos: St. Louis Bluesweek Blues Cruise makes a cannonball run through Soulard, Saturday, September 3

St. Louis Bluesweek Blues Cruise, September 2, 2011

Dannie Boyd

Sponsored in part by KDHX, St. Louis Bluesweek gave the city a chance to revisit its nationally-recognized blues roots. Closing out the epic week of blues was the Soulard Blues Cruise.

The more-than-week-long event dedicated the Labor-Day weekend to two nights of roaming through the Soulard neighborhood. With 10 venues participating in the cruise the scenic voyage was more like a cannonball run from concert to concert.

The event consisted of a lineup of 20 bands performing across 10 venues in the Soulard area. Purchasing a $10 wristband granted access to all 10 venues for an entire night. In essence, the Blues Cruise was like being confined to a cruise ship on the Mississippi filled with hours of live performances.

To aid in the simulation of a cruise, shuttle buses were provided to transport concert goers from venue to venue. The shuttles ran about every 15 minutes or so to get attendees across the area in a timely manner so they wouldn’t miss out on any action.

Participating venues included: BB’s Jazz Blues & Soups, Sonny’s, Broadway Oyster Bar, the Great Grizzly Bear, Hammerstone’s, the Shanti, Joanie’s Pizzeria, Johnny’s, 1860′s Saloon and Lywelyn’s Pub. Many of the venues are clustered together within blocks of each other which made for pockets of block parties scattered across the area. Soulard is located south of downtown St. Louis.

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Concert photos: Tower Groove Records Carnival at Off Broadway, Sunday, September 4

I had a splendid time at the first (and I hope annual) Tower Groove Records Carnival at Off Broadway on Sunday. The weather was even more delicious than the beet burgers. And it was swell hanging out at this KDHX-sponsored event with my fellow DJs, music scribes, scenesters and all-around good people.

All photos by Roy Kasten.

Jason Hutto

Fred Friction

Josh Weinstein

Karen Ried

Jaime Lees

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