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The Uncertainty of Presence: An Interview with Laura Gibson

The Uncertainty of Presence: An Interview with Laura Gibson

There is a haunting presence to Laura Gibson's music--something otherworldly that lurks in a


Tower Grove Pride 2016 throws a community-driven, musically powered festival

Tower Grove Pride 2016 throws a community-driven, musically powered festival

If you're looking to take part in Pride festival this weekend, you'll find many options to choose


Ask 4 the Moon: Prince, freedom and fiction

Ask 4 the Moon: Prince, freedom and fiction

Though he has been gone for over a month, I have been unable to mourn until now, writing this piece


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Gabriel's Tin Pan Alley with Gabriel
Gabriel plays the blues and oldies, and the holy blues, too, for you and yours.Show Archives
In the Middle of the Night with Kevin Lawrence
Kevin Lawrence is the late-night voice for jazz-loving insomniacs, spinning soft, smooth jazz, from Birdland to dreamland.Show Archives
The Lion's Den with Bruceman
Bruceman brings you the Lion's Den. It's 2 hours of high-octane rock & roll, featuring rare tracks from bands you know, hard to find albums and a healthy dose of one-hit wonders from the '60s and '70s.Show Archives
Emotional Rescue with Cat Pick
From rock to bebop, pop to hip hop, classic soul to Americana, if it breaks your heart, punches you in the gut or makes you so giddy with joy you dance around your kitchen or sing along to the car radio, you just might hear it on Monday mornings. Cat Pick will be your savior, steadfast and true; she'll come to your Emotional Rescue.Show Archives
Mystery Train with Tim
Get out of the graveyard and hop on the Mystery Train. It's the best of 80 years of folk, country, blues and rock & roll, plus a few surprises just to keep you guessing.Show Archives
Radio Rio with Andrea
Radio Rio is two hours of Brazilian music every Monday noon–2 p.m. Central. The show features everything from samba, bossa nova, MPB, tropicalia to the new sounds coming out of Brazil today.Show Archives
Dangerous Curves with Sherri Danger
Add a woman to radio and you've got "Dangerous Curves." Join host Sherri Danger as she presents her unique female perspective on music — just remember to wear your seat belts. It's Dangerous Curves, and she's driving, every Monday afternoon.Show Archives
Soul Selector with Papa Ray
The Soul Selector brings you deep soul, blues and R&B for your Monday afternoon drive-time pleasure.Show Archives
Music at Work with Curt
Curt is the boss of Music at Work, a full sonic employment of rock and Americana, with featured artists, new releases, concert news and more.Show Archives
Gold Soundz with Chris Bay
Not all that glitters is gold, but you can rely on Chris to separate the sonic gems from the rest. Tune in for a wide range of pop, rock and neo-folk, both old and new, and you'll find yourself with the urge to go back to those gold sounds again and again.Show Archives
loudQUIETloud with Chris Ward
Start your week off kicking and screaming with Chris Ward on loudQUIETloud.
Chris provides all of the audio ingredients for an experiment in carefully curated madness — from garage rock to strange vinyl, from slow burners to tunnel bangers. loudQUIETloud is a pizza with all the right toppings — and none you'll want to pick off.Show Archives


C-Sides with Rick Comello
C-Sides specializes in obscure music from all over the globe. With rock at its core, Rick Comello explores multiple genres spanning the last 45 years, unearthing music from some of the finest progressive, fusion, avant-garde, psych and hard rock artists to ever grace this wondrous planet.Show Archives
Rolling Thunder with Ryan Cain
From classic to modern, Rolling Thunder brings you a diverse mix of rock styles, including psychedelic, progressive, and even a bit of metal. Ryan Cain spins all of that and more, adding in some blues and jazz for good measure.Show Archives
Trip Inside This House with valis
Join your host and guide, valis, as he explores over four decades of psychedelic music. Across time, across continents, across the vast expanses of our inner landscape. Music for the "Fourth Drive."Show Archives
Rocket 88 with Darren Snow
Darren Snow brings you a great mix of old favorites and fresh new discoveries in the genres of pop, rock, Americana and beyond. Breakfast time is launch time for Rocket 88.Show Archives
Sittin' On Top of the World with Ryan Spearman
"Sittin’ On Top of the World" offers up a bird’s-eye view of the American roots landscape with a focus on the vernacular music of yesterday and today. You’ll hear jugbands, swing bands and lots of in-between bands. Old time, country blues, bluegrass, folk and just plain old, down-home music. Show Archives
The Other One with Drea
Drea is the Other One — the other Deadhead, that is. Every Tuesday afternoon she brings you music that influenced the Dead and that the Dead influenced, everything from folk, rock, jazz and blues, along with the Grateful Dead, Dead cover bands and who knows what else.Show Archives
Higher Ground with Jim Bruce
Soul, funk, rock and blues: that's what you’ll find when you finally reach Higher Ground! Jim Bruce brings you these styles and more, in a mix that comes straight from the gut.Show Archives
Howzit Bayou? with Sunny Boy
Sunny Boy brings you blues, jazz, rock, soul, country, pop, zydeco, cajun, Tex-Mex and calypso, all served up on a Kaiser Roll with a big dollop of Louisiana sauce. Take a bite!Show Archives
Wax Lyrical with Caron
Wax Lyrical with Caron brings you music that celebrates the singer-songwriter craft, with old favorites and new discoveries spanning rock, indie pop and Americana.Show Archives
Time Warp Radio with Mark Hyken
Time Warp Radio features the roots of underground music from the USA, UK, Ireland, Germany, Sweden and more, all reflecting the various sub-genres of rock and their elements of jazz, country, blues, folk and even classical.Show Archives
Cure for Pain with Nathaniel Farrell
Lo-fi, freak folk, post-punk, psych and noise from all over — Cure for Pain has a little of what ails you and a little of what heals you. A fantastic pharmacy of weird affliction and heavy medicine turned inside out in search of the door.Show Archives


The Night Shift with Mr. Roots
Join the revolution with Mr. Roots and Matty Dread on The Night Shift for 2 hours of roots and culture.Show Archives
The Smoking Lounge with Brother Dan
Brother Dan takes you on a musical journey that's on the outside looking in, a late night dose of progressive jazz mixed with some unknown rock musicians that might just become new favorites. As Adrian Belew said, "This is where everything smokes." It's the Smoking Lounge, where nothing is taboo.Show Archives
Bittersweet Melody with Allen
Join your navigator Allen as he guides you from Abbey Road to Positively 4th Street, Beirut to Zip City, and all musical points in between. It's a wide mix of rock, Americana, power pop, alternative country and more.Show Archives
Feel Like Going Home with Roy Kasten
Prodigal songs, wayward grooves, lyrical detours, soul folk in action – that's Feel Like Going Home, with Roy Kasten, three hours of indie rock, errant twang, dusty blues and acoustic-electric ballads.Show Archives
Steam-Powered Radio with Kelly Wells
Steam-Powered Radio transports you across a musical landscape spanning great American music from old to new. Kelly Wells brings you gritty old-time, hard-driving bluegrass, deep-south blues, heartbreak country, and relevant folk.Show Archives
Uncontrollable Urge with bobEE Sweet
Get an Uncontrollable Urge with bobEE Sweet. From the music your grandparents love to the music your parents hate, from iconoclasts to copycats, from old time to new wave, we'll liberate Wednesday afternoons with sound. There will be occasional specials on a variety of themes and events.Show Archives
Hip City with Chris Lawyer
Head across the tracks to Hip City, where soul, funk, R&B and hip hop all blissfully coexist, and no one discriminates against dance music, no matter the genre. The desired effect is what you get with Chris, every Wednesday afternoon.Show Archives
The Big Bang! with Dr. Jeff
It's a virtual explosion of fun — The Big Bang!, hosted by real-life emergency room physician Jeffrey Hallazgo (Dr. Jeff), is a rollicking, fast-paced, action-packed 3 hour program featuring the best of the Sound of Young 1960s and early 1970s America — mostly rare and uncommon soul and pop (with the occasional hit thrown into the mix) all in the style of classic Top 40 Radio!Show Archives
Juxtaposition with Rob Levy
From intimate English-garden pop to next month's dance-floor sensations, Rob Levy's bag of transoceanic treats is comfortably crowded with nice things you'll like.Show Archives
Beep Beep Boop Boop with Kate
Whether you think electronic music is just called "techno," or have been to Creamfields 5 times, Beep Beep Boop Boop covers all the dance-tastic genres.Show Archives
Rawthentic with DJ Needles and Cleo Jones
DJ Needles and Cleo Jones lead you on a rhythmic adventure through the land of soul and hip hop. Can you dig it?Show Archives


The Love Mix with DJ Johnny Orr
Club culture on the radio — the best in house, trance, breakbeats and other electronica mixed and presented by top St. Louis club DJ Johnny Orr.Show Archives
Train of Thought with Nick Cowan
Train of Thought provides listeners with music that rocks — be it metal, blues, punk, or something else entirely. Sometimes it even rocks to be mellow. In any case, the music flows like your new favorite mix tape.Show Archives
Rhythm Highways with East Side Slim
East Side Slim takes you cruising on many musical roads, with all leading back to the crossroad — the blues. Come on along for the ride on Rhythm Highways. You'll hear American music — music that swings, rolls and comes from the soul. Tune in to hear blues, R&B, gospel, swing, soul, rock 'n' roll, jazz and roadhouse, even the occasional honky tonk or western swing song. Rhythm Highways — it's an East Side groove.Show Archives
Memphis to Manchester with John Wendland
Join John Wendland for Memphis to Manchester, a fun-filled and action-packed three hours of soul, R&B, rock, pop, country and other great music.Show Archives
Pop! The Beat Bubble Burst with Rich Reese
Pop! The Beat Bubble Burst explores the music of the '60s with an emphasis on British Invasion and Mersey Beat, tracing those branches to the present day using examples from different decades. Selections echo the music of the sixties including power pop, jangle pop, pub rock, glitter and glam rock, neo-psychedelia and indie pop.Show Archives
The Greaser's Lunchbox with Al Swacker
The Greaser's Lunchbox is rock & roll in all of its glorious phases, with an emphasis on its original form — rockabilly!Show Archives
The Record Sto' with Doug Morgan
Veteran turntablist Doug Morgan spins up a dizzying array of rock & roll, rap, reggae and soul 2-3:30 p.m. Then alter ego Doug Love (but they call him Mr. Tibbs) kicks off St. Louis radio's longest running hip-hop mix.Show Archives
Blursday with John and Denny
Boogaloo down Broadway with John McHenry and Denny Clancy as they play the blues for your Thursday afternoon drive time.Show Archives
The Space Parlour with Nick Acquisto
The Space Parlour presents an eccentric combination of art rock, psychedelia, folk, new wave and other inventive alternative sounds, with an additional focus on B-sides, rarities and live recordings. It's parlour music, space music and everything in between.Show Archives
Hindsight with Matt
Hindsight features underground rock from the past and present, including indie rock and pop, post-punk, shoegaze and dream pop.Show Archives
Wrong Division with Joe and Mabel
Wrong Division features the best in progressive punk and experimental DIY rock, including everything from methodical, melodic post rock to erratic, noisy math. Join your host Joe and co-host Mabel as they showcase local to international bands and the music that influenced them. Learn more at the Wrong Division Blog.Show Archives


The Mixtape with Jason
Remember mixed tapes? You made them in your basement, giving them out to a secret crush or that cool guy you wanted to impress. The Mixtape captures that thrill in a 2-hour blend of pop, hip hop, rock, indie and alternative music, with a focus on regional bands and national acts appearing in the St. Louis area, plus concert news and featured artists.Show Archives
$100 Guitars with Lanny Durbin
Tune in to $100 Guitars and head back to the garage with punks, outlaws and strummers. All your rock 'n' roll needs, every Friday morning with Lanny.Show Archives
The Juke Joint with Doug
Doug takes you to a place where the music flows and the good times roll. Hear the perfect mix of blues, R&B, soul and even a little cajun when the mood is right.Show Archives
Sound Salvation with Steve Pick
Steve Pick brings you Sound Salvation. It's 3 hours of the best new music liberally mixed with all the classics of the last century's worth of pop music, rock & roll, jazz, blues, country, soul and more. If it's worth hearing, you'll find it on Sound Salvation.Show Archives
Shake 'Em on Down w/ Ronnie Wisdom
From the juke joints of the hill country, to the bar rooms of the big city and all points in between. Gospel, country, folk and rock… it all has roots in the blues. Shake ‘em on Down.Show Archives
Afternoon Delight with Jeff Hess
Jeff Hess plays everything from Scandinavian rock to Cambodian folk, French pop to power pop, Julie London to London Calling. It's rock and other things for the hearing excelled.Show Archives
The Rhythm Section with Andy Coco
The Rhythm Section is two hours of groovy music, with your host Andy Coco. The Rhythm Section celebrates the soul and beat in all genres of music — anything and everything that'll make your head bop and your toes tap.Show Archives
Blues in the Night with Art Dwyer
Art Dwyer brings you blues, R&B, jazz and soul for your soul — "None of the hits, all of the time" since 88.1 KDHX's very first day on the air.Show Archives
Coin-Operated Radio with Ryan
Start your Tuesday night with Coin-Operated Radio, a genre-bending blend of music from folk to hip hop and everything between. Each week Ryan will showcase new releases and preview upcoming concerts.Show Archives
Deep Krate Radio with DJ Iceman
Wax Murdaraz crew members D-Ex and Furius "Iceman" Stylz bring you the latest and all-time greatest hip-hop sounds, scratched and mixed live nonstop.Show Archives
Ital Rhythms with Ital-K
Ital-K brings you positive, danceable, uplifting songs showcasing the history of reggae. From the UK to Jamaica, Bob Marley to Steel Pulse, Marcia Griffiths to Sylvia Tella, Dennis Brown to Macka B, and beyond, there's nothing quite like Ital Rhythms.Show Archives


Dub Mixture with DJ Ranx
DJ Ranx brings you the hottest reggae in the classic dub style.Show Archives
Churban Radio with DJ Boogie Ray
DJ Boogie Ray brings you dance music on "Churban Radio."Show Archives
The Old Soul Harmony Show with Michael Bishop
Join Michael Bishop for the very best in classic R&B, rare and hard-to-find souldies, as well as vintage and out-of-print love songs.Show Archives
Musical Merry-Go-Round with Grandfather Stark
Jump on the Musical Merry-Go-Round with Grandfather Paul Stark as he shares 2 hours of family friendly music, stories and guests. You'll hear music from all genres and time periods, suitable for anyone of any age.Show Archives
Backroads with Stacy
Stacy brings you a mix of folk, singer-songwriters and Americana, all found along the backroads.Show Archives
Down Yonder with Keith Dudding
Down Yonder is a celebration of bluegrass and old-time music in all its forms, from the classic high lonesome sound of Bill Monroe, Flatt & Scruggs and the Stanley Brothers, to the modern sounds of contemporary artists. As the title of a Monroe instrumental tells us, "You must come hither to go yonder."Show Archives
Mid-Day Jamboree with Fred Gumaer
The Mid-Day Jamboree with Fred Gumaer brings you the history of country music including early string bands, bluegrass, western swing, honky tonk and rockabilly styles, as well as contemporary, roots-oriented country artists.Show Archives
The Back Country with Jeff Corbin
The Back Country brings you the traditional sounds and styles of country music from the 1920s to the contemporary artists who respect and build on that tradition. The Back Country has Jimmie Rodgers and Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Wayne Raney and Wayne Hancock, Cousin Emmy and Emmylou Harris.Show Archives
Gettin' Down to It with Sean Smothers
It's time to get down to it. Every Saturday evening you'll hear blues, jazz, rock, soul and other gems ready to take your weekend to a steady groove.Show Archives
Ska's the Limit with JJ Loy
We follow ska down every path of its long and winding history. You'll hear classic ska, two tone and third wave ska, as well as groovy rocksteady and early reggae. Plus any soul, punk and calypso that we have lying around.Show Archives
Positive Vibrations with Professor Skank or Michael Kuelker
Professor Skank and Michael Kuelker switch off each week and bring you 2 hours of the latest — and greatest — reggae on the planet.Show Archives
Elevated Rhymestate with Wil Wander
Wil Wander is your guide on a journey through the diversity of hip-hop featuring flowing, poetic lyrics and active, melodic production.Show Archives


Latin Hemispheres with Carlos G. Charles
dj Carlos G. Charles is your host on "Latin Hemispheres," an exploration on the many facets of Latin music, including contemporary dance and club beats, rock & roll, some traditional rhythms, jazz, tropical tunes, hip hop, roots music, romantic songs and even pop. From time to time a theme show will take you for a ride and change things up as Carlos delivers it all with that Latin touch. Gracias por su sintonia y mantengen se con ese ritmo latino..... Ha ya yay, que sabroso. Todos los Domingos, that's every Sunday 1-3 am.Show Archives
Earthsongs with Sara Finke
Sara Finke welcomes the dawn with Native American music, both modern and traditional.Show Archives
Boogie on Down with Hound Dog Brown
Boogie On Down on with Hound Dog on Sunday mornings from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. for upbeat music including shuffle, houserockin' blues and R&B, and boogie-woogie. You'll also hear country & western with rhythm and a beat, swing, and gospel scorchers. It's a lively road trip featuring the musical forms which gave rise to rock and roll.Show Archives
Lotsa A Cappella with Marjie Kennedy
Marjie Kennedy is your host for vocal music from all over the world. Mostly unaccompanied by instruments, Lotsa A Cappella ranges from funk to jazz to rock & roll, bawdy madrigals and saintly motets, the ringing chords of traditional barbershop quartets, authentic tribal chants, Southern-style shape note singing, the twang of bluegrass, the fervor of gospel, the croon of doo-wop and more.Show Archives
Folks of the World with Harriet Shanas
Harriet Shanas brings you a wealth of old and new ethnic music from Asia, Europe and the Middle East.Show Archives
Songwriters Showcase with Ed
Songwriters Showcase features some of the best new music in the folk and country traditions, ranging from sensitive singer-songwriters to crunching alt-country. You'll hear about people who will be appearing soon in the area, and get a sampling of in-studio performances too. Songwriters Showcase was founded in 1987 by Larry Weir.Show Archives
Bluegrass Breakdown with Walter and Willa Volz
Straight-ahead bluegrass — no Astroturf — hosted by Walter and Willa Volz. Part of each show will be dedicated to "Homegrown Grass" featuring artists from Missouri and Illinois both past and present, and festival and concert information, too.Show Archives
No Time to Tarry Here with Pablo Meshugi
Pablo Meshugi brings you an entertaining lesson on folk music and related sounds. It's a broad spectrum of music and some insights to put things in perspective.Show Archives
Music From the Hills with John Uhlemann
John Uhlemann brings you 2 hours of strangely beautiful folk and traditional music from Eastern Europe and Scandinavia, with occasional forays into the Middle East and Western Europe.Show Archives
Chicken Shack Alley with Bruce B. or Rich Barta
Bruce B. with deep blues, classic soul and hot R&B, alternating with Rich Barta and his mix of blues, soul, R&B, jazz and doo-wop. Tune in every Sunday evening for blues you can only get on "Chicken Shack Alley."Show Archives
Nothin' but the Blues with Ron Edwards
Ron Edwards presents "Nothin' but the Blues" every Sunday evening. Ron's vast knowledge and unique insights make for an entertaining history lesson on all forms of blues.Show Archives
All Soul, No Borders with Joshua Weinstein
Ease your mind, soothe your soul and groove through the night with music of the soul on All Soul, No Borders.Show Archives