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Items filtered by date: April 2014

Disgusted with the way your Facebook friends are cheerfully spreading bogus news items without bothering to fact check them? Convinced that the Internet is turning us into a nation of credulous chumps who will buy anything? As Opera Theatre is demonstrating this weekend, P.T. Barnum's observation about a sucker being born every minute is nothing new.

The Memorial Day weekend is almost here. For most of us, that means cookouts, family gatherings, and other varieties of making merry. For us opera lovers, though, it also means a different type of celebration: opening night at Opera Theatre of St. Louis.

Now that St. Louis in in the midst of its annual bout of baseball fever, it seems only appropriate that, starting this weekend and running through June 15th, Shakespeare Festival St. Louis is offering local theatre fans a double header by presenting two plays in Forest Park instead of the usual one.

"Terrain: From Here to the Horizon" is the delightful first exhibit at the new Reese Gallery in the Cherokee district. The show features works on paper by Elysia Mann and ceramic sculptures by Erica Iman. The two artists work in very different media and styles, but their work forms a beautiful and cohesive exhibition.

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