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Seven and Ten

The Monocle welcomes Prisca Jebet Kendager as she debuts her new play “Seven and Ten” on February 23 & 24 at 8pm on the Emerald Room Stage. Prisca is a playwright, actress, and teacher in Kansas City, Missouri, and is thrilled to bring her work to Saint Louis! Below is a short synopsis of "Seven and Ten".

When Sarah was 14 she had a dream that God told her she and Ryan were supposed to be married. Being a God fearing man (at least as much of a man as you can be at age 14) Ryan agreed and they began courting. At 18 they were married. Once in seminary their friend Henry met Jenny. Henry liked Jenny a lot, and she felt the same. After a lot of prayer and counseling from Ryan and Sarah (the now “well versed” and most “experienced” married couple they knew) Henry and Jenny got married right after college. Ryan becomes a youth pastor, Henry becomes a worship pastor, and Jenny becomes a missions’ pastor. All at the same church. Life is simple and perfect...according to Sarah. After years of making choices at such a young age, Ryan and Jenny begin questioning everything, including whether or not they married the right people. Things become…complicated. Feeling her husband drift away, but not sure why Sara tries desperately to keep things in control. Praying more, and pretending everything is fine.Things begin to fall apart below the surface, but above everything thrives. So it’s ok right? That’s part of being involved in ministries. Your life falls apart, but as long as you change the world, it’s all fine. As the veils become more and more torn and tattered, and true selves come to the surface, even Sara herself is revealed to have her own shameful secrets and hatreds. Especially for Jenny.

Tickets are $10 in advance. S15 at the door.

Event Properties

Event Date 02-23-2018 8:00 pm
Event End Date 02-23-2018 10:30 pm
Individual Price $15.00
The Emerald Room at the Monocle
4510 Manchester Ave St. Louis, Missouri 63110 United States
The Emerald Room at the Monocle
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