Infernal Coil (ID) w/ Faustian Nihilist, Chalked Up

Infernal Coil (Boise, ID - death metal / grind ex- dead in the dirt)
"Burning Prayer of Infinite Hatred is the kind of album that sounds like it’s on fire. The riffs sound like a cracking blast furnace, if the opener “True Nature” is any indicator. And it should come as no surprise that Connally knows how to belt out the blasts. It opens like a surprise assault and continues with unrelenting force. However, it’s not just one continuous blast. “True Nature” slows things up and gets nice and heavy, but still keeps it raw.

There’s a lot of slowed down, moodier moments sprinkled throughout. “Our Punishment” drags you down into the depths. It sounds like your dredging through a dark, dank dungeon. It’s haunting in its slow-going. The beginning, and various points following, of “Down-Going in Shadow” takes it in similar stride. The tracks are like dizzying spirals that still have the courtesy to stick you in the side with a knife. Especially when the frenzied screaming kicks in." - Christopher Luedtke (Metal Injection)

Faustian Nihilist
Three piece death Metal plague from St. Louis, MO. Hoisting elements of the blackest void and depths yet reached by the grips of man. Headbang or die.

Chalked Up

All Ages

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Event Date 01-08-2018 8:00 pm
Event End Date 01-08-2018 11:00 pm
Individual Price $7.00
The Sinkhole
7423 S Broadway, St. Louis, MO 63111, USA
The Sinkhole
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