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'Free to Love' skillfully chronicles Puerto Rico's failed CR99

Rights for the LGBT community rank among the most important contemporary issues, and civil union/gay marriage status ...

'Dom Hemingway' amazes with unfettered, fierce energy

Jude Law plays Dom Hemingway, the central character in the film of that title. And Jude Law is THE central reason to ...

'The Lunchbox' delivers tasty treats galore

A couple years ago, East Indian writer/director Ritesh Batra began making a documentary about Mumbai's famous Dab...

'Enemy' is intriguing with its challenge of traditional narrative

In "Enemy's" opening minutes," Canadian director Denis Villeneuve signals that his film will pose ...

'Bad Words' includes those and more

The motivation behind "Bad Words" comes out about mid-way through this short film. I won't spoil that, ...

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Doc Challenge 2010 Audience Award Winner: Tami Tushie's Toys
The audience has spoken! The 2010 International Documentary Challenge Audience Award (determined by online voting) goes to Tami Tushie's Toys by Minnesota DocuClubbers from St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Directed by Melody Gilbert, Tami Tushie's Toys follows a typical suburban hockey Mom leading…
The Winners have been announced for the St. Louis 48 Hour Film Project 2010 Competition. This year's best film award went to Maginot by Redundant Redundant Films. Maginot received the Glass Award from 48 Hour Headquaters and will screen at…
Irish writer/director Neil Jordan has some terrific films to his credit: Mona Lisa, The Crying Game, Michael Collins, The Butcher Boy, and I'd even add Interview with the Vampire. Unfortunately, his latest film Ondine can't hold a candle to those…
At the conclusion of the mesmerizing documentary Sweetgrass, titles state that since the late 19th century Western ranchers have grazed animals on public land for summer pasture. And so, filmmakers and Harvard anthropologists Ilisa Barbash and Lucien Castaing-Taylor have captured…
Holy Rollers
While there are no new stories, some creative incarnations add vibrancy to familiar archetypes. That's exactly what happens in director Ken Asch's Holy Rollers, based on real-life events. The film locates the formulaic coming-of-age story in the 1998 Brooklyn Hasidic…
June 11 through 13, 2010 Reviewed by Diane Carson In 1977 when Japanese director Nobuhiko Obayashi's film House/Hausu was released in Japan, it did not get U.S. distribution. Now that it has appeared, it's easy to understand its initial rejection,…
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