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'The Notebook' details war's ripple effects

August 14, 1944, at a farm on the Hungarian border, a mother deposits her twin 12-year-old boys with their maternal g...

'The Good Lie' dramatizes the powerful truth about Sudanese refugees

"The Good Lie" tells the deeply moving story of four Sudanese refugees. Three brothers and their sister cou...

'Gone Girl' goes where few mysteries tread--into intriguing psychology

The mystery of a wife's disappearance is the catalyst for "Gone Girl," but that unknown doesn't dri...

'Tusk' offers walrus-to-walrus outrageousness

It is possible that Kevin Smith has decided to flap a wet flipper at film-making. He came to prominence in 1994 for t...

'Love Is Strange': Good movie, strange title

Where did the title,"Love Is Strange," come from? It seems to have little to do with the film, which is a l...

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Babies reveals life around the world
In Babies, with a nonjudgmental, anthropological approach, French documentarist Thomas Balmes chronicles the first year of life of four babies from different countries. The four babies are: Ponijao in Namibia, Mari in Tokyo, Bayar in Mongolia, and Hattie in San…
May 14 through 20, 2010Reviewed by Diane Carson Sexual affairs, betrayal, deception,greed, blackmail, arson, kickbacks, payoffs, and murder-The Square doesn't miss many nefarious practices. Add missed phonecalls, bad luck with the weather, unmanageable dogs and some ill-timed knowingglances as this…
Mid-August Lunch
Gianni Di Gregorio's directorial debut, Mid-August Lunch, serves up a trifle, a pleasant one to be sure, but a slim offering. Not much happens beyond some cooking, eating, and conversation primarily among four elderly women and one's son. Most interaction…
Harry Brown
In director Daniel Barber's feature debut, the always-superb Michael Caine plays title character Harry Brown. But, unless revenge fantasies are your cup of tea, he's the only reason to see this dreary, predictable film. Harry's a retired, 76-year-old pensioner who…
Exit Through the Gift Shop
Thierry Guetta is energetic and focused; well, more accurately, Thierry's frantic and obsessed. He doesn't go anywhere without his camera, as he admits in the opening shots, Los Angeles, 1999. To pay for his mania, he runs a used-clothing store,…
The Good, The Bad, The Weird
In a wacky homage to Sergio Leone's the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly, South Korean co-writer/director Kim Jee-Woon dishes up his Korean western, The Good, The Bad, The Weird. And it lives up to its title, and not just…
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Mon September 29
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