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Playing games trumps 'Video Games: The Movie'

When I saw the title of the film "Video Games: The Movie," I thought, "Well, finally a documentary abo...

'Calvary' powerfully and profoundly probes sin and virtue

In the opening seconds of writer/director John Michael McDonagh's thought-provoking and unexpectedly funny "...

‘The Hundred-Foot Journey’ begins with chef’s step

If you’ve been led to believe that “The Hundred-foot Journey” is all about whatever character Helen...

'Guardians of the Galaxy' offers galaxies of fun

Just when I thought Hollywood's mega-budget, special effects extravaganzas couldn't get any more elaborate or...

'Rich Hill' is rich in complex profiles

Without sentimental indulgence, directors Andrew Droz Palermo and Tracy Droz Tragos profile three teenage boys in the...

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Through 3/29/207 Reviewed by Diane Carson In 1990s England, on numerous occasions, Alan Conway claimed to be the reclusive, famous director Stanley Kubrick. Paradoxically, it seems preposterous so many believed him and yet also completely convincing given the fascination with…
Reviewed by Diane Carson Indigènes-opening under the title Days of Glory-is now one of the five entries competing for a Best Foreign Film Academy Award, selected from more than 60 countries' submissions for this honor that it richly deserves. The…
Local opening date 8/17/2007 Reviewed by Martha K. Baker There are a number of fine movies about funerals. There's The Long Box with Michael Caine from 1966 and The Funeral from 1988. And of course, there's Four Weddings and a…
10/5 - 10/11/2007 Reviewed by Diane Carson The lure of adventure, of testing oneself to the limits and of exploring human endurance is like the irresistible, mysterious Sirens' call to some as confirmed in the documentary Deep Water. Directors Louise…
Local opening date: 4/27/2007 Reviewed by Martha K. Baker Diggers captures a cultural moment: it's September of 1976 on Long Island. The presidential campaign is on television, Shere Hite's anecdotal look at women's sexuality is on the bookshelves, and the…
6/28/2007 only Reviewed by Diane Carson The proliferation of documentaries or perhaps the increasing exhibition of them has reinforced the believe that there are more strange people than we probably ever realized. Another case in point is Sara Lamm's Dr.…
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