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"Dogtooth" Belongs with the Dogs
Co-writer and director Yorgos Lanthimos isolates a family within their walled compound and then watches them emotionally and physically taunt and torment each other. The point emerges via an audio taped language lesson in the first minutes of the film.
Conviction indicts the miscarriage of justice
Director Tony Goldwyn with writer Pamela Gray have fashioned an incredible, real-life story into a restrained, and yet powerful, indictment of one miscarriage of justice in the U.S. legal system. That film, Conviction, plays on the double meaning of the…
"Stone" Sinks from Its Own Weight
Some films strain too obviously and nakedly toward profundity, and Stone qualifies in that category. Corrections officer Jack Mabry must certify the rehabilitated state of Gerald "Stone" Creeson, who, aided by his shameless wife Lucetta, proves adept at manipulative mind…
“Army of Crime” Mounts a Formidable, Admirable Assault
First in isolated cases and then as an organized army, French resistance men and woman fought the Nazi occupiers and the French who cooperated with them. It's 1941 when Army of Crime begins and 1944 when it ends.
"The Sicilian Girl" Throws Sicily for a Loop
The Sicilian Girl tells the familiar tale of criminal activity—murder, revenge, drug dealing and corrupt officials—but with a unique, appealing twist. This time the story, based on real events, is told through a young girl's and then a young woman's…
Meeting a "Tall Dark Stranger" Is Enticing
Woody Allen has forged a film career exploring dysfunctional relationships and the individuals drawn to them like moths to the flame. You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger is Woody's latest interrogation of the numerous ways recognizable characters thrash about…
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Karate Bikini - A Simpler Sugar

Wed November 26
Karate Bikini is an eight piece ensemble who's members hail from St. Louis and the metro area. They are a large band with a large sound. Their latest album A Simpler Sugar is full of upbeat pop songs,…