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Local opening date: 7/13/2007 Reviewed by Diane Carson Relationships can be quite endlessly fascinating as personalities work out the delicate dynamics of intimacy and trust, concern and independence. However, when the individual in question suffers from ennui, can't sustain an…
The United Nation calls the Port-au-Prince, Haitian slum Cité Soleil the most dangerous place on earth. Watching Danish writer/director Asger Leth's hour-and-a-half documentary set there, few will differ with that description.
Local opening date: 3/9/2007 Reviewed by Martha Baker Rarely has a film been so sublime. Oh, Renee Zellwegger, who stars as Beatrix Potter and who also co-produced the film, tries too hard once or twice with that British accent, but…
Through 9/23/2007 Reviewed by Diane Carson On December 22nd, 1989, at 12:08 p.m., Romanians drove Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu out of office and out of Bucharest, capital of Romania. Sixteen years later, celebrating that momentous event, the question on the…
Local opening date: 9/7/2007 Reviewed by Diane Carson How effortless and insightful some relationship films can be in the hands of an accomplished filmmaker not afraid to be honest and self-effacing, keen to expose the pain we all recognize as…
Reviewed by Diane Carson As a good horror film can, Danny Boyle's 28 Days Later burrowed into our emotional fears and channeled their eruption into the grotesquery of physical deformity.
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Mon July 28
The Driftaways are a seven-man reggae band hailing from St. Louis. Their E.P. "Don't Hide" is full of high-energy jams and groovy improvisations that give the band's music a good-time vibe. Download their…