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Thursday, 06 December 2012 13:14

Watch and Rate 2012 Film Challenge Films

Watch and Rate 2012 Film Challenge Films
Written by Kat Touschner
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All fifteen finalists from this year's National Film Challenge are now online for viewing and rating for the Audience Award. 

Watch and rate all fifteen finalists. Voting ends January 3, 2013. The Audience Award winner will receive $500 and a screening at Filmapalooza in Los Angeles next March.


The Films:


A Spot in the Frosting
Team: Acceptable Voyeurism
Genre: Drama
Logline: Two not-quite-sober wedding attendees chat about their relationship pitfalls while in the can.
Moscow, ID USA

Roleplay Rangers
Genre: Film de Femme
Logline: The wife of a Junior Ranger is forced to take up her husband's duty to protect a local park.
Moorhead, MN USA

Fool Me Twice
Team: Exigence
Genre: Mockumentary
Logline: One woman's struggle to meet and keep the right guy while living with two flesh eating roommates
Los Angeles, CA USA

Accidental Passenger
Team: Falstaff
Genre: Musical or Western/Fantasy
Logline: Two western adventurers discover there is Snow Time Like the Present.
Calgary, Alberta Canada

Last Supper
Team: Film Antics
Genre: Drama
Logline: Who would you spend your last supper with?
San Jose, CA USA

Team: JaR Productions
Genre: Horror
Logline: A therapist spends the night trying to heal his patient.
Huntington Beach, CA USA

The Legend of Diego Whyte
Team: Nevada Film
Genre: Musical or Western
Logline: A poker game is interrupted when a man shows up to cryptically explain the importance of a wooden box.
Reno, NV USA

Team: Raw Dog Resort
Genre: Fantasy
Logline: A woman with an unusual magical power faces a crisis of insecurity and finds a purpose.
Los Angeles, CA USA

The Last Glass
Team: Sanity Films
Genre: Drama
Logline: One last date between a husband and wife brings back some of the best memories of their lives.
Tampa, FL USA

A Part Apart
Team: Tadaa!
Genre: Film de Femme
Logline: Siamese twin sisters decide to get separated when one of them falls in love, but when one sister feels everything the other feels even after separation things get complicated.
Beijing, China

The Carpenter(s)
Team: Team Midas
Genre: Romance
Logline: To build the perfect bromance, you must have the right tools.
Los Angeles, CA USA

The Testing Phase
Team: Team S.W.E.A.T.
Genre: Silent Film
Logline: Sometimes the experimenter becomes the subject.
Singapore, Singapore

The Missing Link
Team: Ultimatum Pictures
Genre: Sci Fi
Logline: The key to a mystery in the past is a strange boy from the future.
Albuquerque, NM USA

Team: Vigna Franca Films
Genre: Silent Film
Logline: The last day of Cassidy Denver
Toronto, Ontario Canada

The Core of Cassidy
Team: Whisper
Genre: Fantasy
Logline: A dying man's spirit fights to keep him alive long enough to say goodbye
Dawsonville, GA USA

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