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Thursday, 07 August 2014 12:00

Doug Deming and Dennis Gruenling with the Jewel Tones 8/7/14 + Video

Doug Deming and Dennis Gruenling with the Jewel Tones 8/7/14
Written by Kevin Edwards
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  • Date Recorded: August 7, 2014
  • Artist / Band: Doug Deming and Dennis Gruenling with the Jewel Tones
  • Hosting Show: Blues in the Night
  • Sound: Dan Kinney
  • Video: Andy Coco

Doug Deming and Dennis Gruenling with the Jewel Tones are made up of a big guitar, with an even bigger sound, and a blistering harp; add in a strong rhythm section, and the various forms of blues and swing are well represented.

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Deming is from Detroit, the northern music city that brought us the likes of Mitch Ryder and Jack Black and scores of other artists, and takes his cues from the likes of T-Bone Walker and Charlie Christian. He garnered a lot of attention from other blues artists, and has backed the likes of Lazy Lester, Yard Dog Jones and Alberta Adams. But Deming is not just an outstanding guitarist, his songwriting and singing stands out as well.

His touring counterpart, Gruenling, has developed quite a following of his own with a style on the harmonica that is unique, often using phrasing that sounds patterned after a horn section or saxophone. The pair is joined in this session by the Jewel Tones, Andrew Gohman on bass and Devin Neel on drums, and the result is a set that both tips its hat to the tradition of the blues, and takes it to a new place.

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