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Song of the Day: 'Night Owl' by Hermit's Victory
There's nothing reclusive about the elegant sound of Hermit's Victory. The new track "Night Owl" serves as a warm invitation to saunter and sway with the Charleston, South Carolina group through a jazzy, post-lounge nightscape.
Song of the Day: 'He's Calling Me Over' by Best Girl Athlete
Best Girl Athlete features the voice and songwriting of Katie Buchan, a Scottish teenager who displays an uncanny gift for lush, classically-infused folk pop (not to mention a knowing Burt Bacharach and Hal David reference), as beautifully displayed on the…
Song of the Day: 'It's Time' by Hidden Charms
Though they may have the distinctively swinging and gritty R&B sound that producer Nick Waterhouse has made his sonic signature, UK band Hidden Charms more than finds its own voice on "It's Time."
Hans Graf
If you missed last week's big double dip of Russian romanticism or if (to quote a famous Big Band-era lyric) you just "can't get enough of that wonderful stuff," the St. Louis Symphony has another helping helping of it for…
Song of the Day: 'Beloved Devotion' by KDH
We confess to being powerless before a band that combines Southern rock and garage rock -- and also uses three of our call letters in its name. KDH's "Beloved Devotion" just might inspire a little bit of that in you…
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