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All Aboard for Fun Times: St. Louis show highlights for July 12, 2014
I'm still waiting on some details about a Sunday show, so this has to be a Saturday-only edition.
Riccardo Iannello and Zulimar López-Hernández
Nothing dates faster than relevance. The more a work of art addresses uniquely contemporary issues, the quicker it becomes stale and even, eventually, quaint.
Song of the Day: 'Into the Fog' by Joshua Worden
Joshua Worden describes his new album "Into the Fog" as "moments that feel like they are constantly fading, receding into fog." The misty, late-night, electronic sound of the title cut evokes his neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia, filtered through his own…
All Aboard for Fun Times: St. Louis show highlights for July 10-11, 2014
Still getting my ducks in a row for Saturday and Sunday -- here is some info you need to know sooner:
Song of the Day: 'Philadelphia Raga' by Peter Matthew Bauer
Best known as guitarist for the Walkmen, Peter Matthew Bauer takes advantage of the band's "extreme hiatus" to explore Indian and psychedelic-folk music on the spellbinding "Philadelphia Raga."
Charting the Music: Nikki Lane, 'All or Nothin''
With a nod to greats like Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings before her, Nikki Lane proves with "All or Nothin'" that you don't need a Y chromosome to make rootsy, aggressive outlaw country.
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