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Song of the Day: 'Old and Tired Ground' by Josh Gilligan
Nashville, Tennessee-based songwriter Josh Gilligan embraces the sweet folk style of James Taylor and Paul Simon, and channels it into a highly personal and nostalgic (in a true way) sound with the track "Old and Tired Ground."
The fiddler now speaks: An interview with Sarah Neufeld
Violinists aren’t usually thought of as rock stars, but Sarah Neufeld is breaking that mold, proving Gilda Radner right that there really should be more violins on television.
Charting the Music: Built to Spill, 'Untethered Moon'
Built to Spill returns on its eighth album, "Untethered Moon," with a new rhythm section but the same indie rock sound.
Song of the Day: 'The Sun Rising' by Haelos
Haelos features the combined talents of Arthur Delaney, Dom Goldsmith and Lotti Benardout, three Londoners making fluid and misty electronic pop with a cinematic feel ala Portishead and Massive Attack. The sound is especially alluring on the new band's cover…
Song of the Day: 'Sightlines' by Steve Benjamins
Steve Benjamins' latest effort takes a more contemplative, electronic turn, and while the dynamics of the new track "Sightlines" are more subtle than some of his previous pop-oriented releases, the effect can still be musically stunning.
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