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Best of 2014: Top 10 videos and favorite sessions ('Elevated Rhymestate' edition)
Each year, I keep up with hundreds of YouTube subscriptions from artists and labels to radio stations and filmmakers. While I greatly appreciate the manicured visual representation of music videos, there is something special about the live-to-tape recorded video sessions…
Sturgill Simpson at the Old Rock House
Opening for Sturgill Simpson, singer-songwriter Anderson East gave an emotional performance to a packed crowd at the Old Rock House.
Song of the Day: 'Your Arms Are My Walls' by Bowen
Sometimes less isn't just more; sometimes less is everything. One listen to the beautifully minimalist ballad "Your Arms Are My Walls" by Bowen and you'll get the picture.
Song of the Day: 'Winner of My Disco Tent' by Corespondents
Generally, one should live by the golden rule: Lead us not into too many puns. But suspend that rule for the brilliantly titled "Winner of My Disco Tent," a surf-pop instrumental by Seattle band Corespondents that ventures far beyond the…
Charting the Music: Belle and Sebastian, 'Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance'
A Europop track referencing Sylvia Plath? Welcome to the new Belle and Sebastian. The Scottish group is back with their ninth studio album, "Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance," and it's a different Belle and Sebastian. They're not unrecognizable, it's…
Song of the Day: 'TV' by Colleen Green
Los Angeles-based rocker Colleen Green returns to strong, sardonic, bubble-grunge form on "TV," a three-minute minimalist blast that recalls the best of early Liz Phair or maybe slowed-down Ramones.
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