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Monday, 13 August 2012 09:20

'Even if there's 10 people in the room, we still give it our best shot' A pre-LouFest interview with Little Barrie

'Even if there's 10 people in the room, we still give it our best shot' A pre-LouFest interview with Little Barrie
Written by Dani Kinnison
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UK garage-rock outfit Little Barrie is heading to St. Louis for LouFest 2012. Frontman Barrie Cadogan seems to be looking forward to it as much as we are.

In this interview, Cadogan gives an update on his band's newest album, "King of the Waves," the differences between crowds in the United States and United Kingdom and seeks some advice for what to do with one night in St. Louis.

Dani Kinnison: Your newest album just came out. How has the response been?

Barrie Cadogan: It's been cool. There's quite a gap between this album and the last album we released, part of that was due to the way the industry's changed and we were trying to work in our other projects as well outside of the band. We were sort of ready to get this record right, so we preferred to take the time to work with Edwyn Collins as a producer in his studio, so we waited for that studio to be free so we could go and make the record we really wanted to make.

Does your songwriting process differ with albums? How did you approach writing and recording?

I suppose most of the time, there might be an initial idea or rough demo that I might make, but I'll bring it to the guys and we'll work on it together, and start playing through it and get a feel for it. We'll just start trying different things out, really. I might write the words or make the initial thing, but we're all quite sort of shaping the songs.

How does everyone's projects and tastes musically influence the music?

I think sometimes you don't always know exactly how it influences you, but it definitely does. Because when you're working with other people, they all work in quite different ways and it's interesting to see how people pull their ideas or influences together in the studio. Seeing how people work and if they have a slightly different approach gives you a fresh approach to your own work, which is a quite healthy thing in a way, I think.

Have you noticed a difference between playing shows in the UK and the United States?

Yeah, there definitely is. I think some of the British crowds can be quite reserved. I think sometimes they have a fear of what other people will think of them for letting themselves go, but we've got some great audiences around the UK. But we find US audiences to be very open.

What bands are you looking forward to at LouFest?

The big one for me is Dinosaur Jr. He [J Mascis] used to come in a guitar shop I used to work at years ago in London, so it's always nice to see him. He's one of the people I really look up to as an artist and a guitar player definitely, so I'm really looking forward to seeing Dinosaur Jr. play.

Do you have a favorite thing about playing live shows? What's the best part for you?

I mean, it's a great feeling to get to be able to travel you know. It's what, 3,000 or 4,000 miles from Europe to play your songs? It's an amazing thing to be able to do. It's great to play to people and to be able to travel to places you've never been before and play your music. It's a thing that, one of the reasons we all got into it in the first place is because you know…. It's just good to play to people. Even if there's 10 people in the room, we still give it our best shot.

What's next for Little Barrie?

We've doing some writing, we're starting to work on new ideas, so that's what we're focusing on in the minute really, just writing. And we've got a few gigs here and there, but mainly working on a few new ideas we've gotten and getting those together.

What could you tell us about St. Louis if we've only got one night there?

The Delmar Loop is great. It has Blueberry Hill [a restaurant where Chuck Berry plays once a month] …. There's actually a statue nearby of him doing the infamous "duck walk."

He's one of the reasons I learned to play guitar in the first place. The reason I play the red guitar that I play is because he has one. If he's in town, I'll buy him dinner at his restaurant. To me, he was the first worldwide, electric-guitar superstar. His guitar was as important as his songs and his voice. I can't wait to go to the Loop now!

Little Barrie performs at LouFest on August 25. 88.1 KDHX is a media sponsor of Loufest 2012.

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