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Monday, 04 June 2012 15:55

'Fast cars, fast women and fast food' An interview with the ChalkBoyz

'Fast cars, fast women and fast food' An interview with the ChalkBoyz
Written by Joe Duepner

The ChalkBoyz hail from St. Louis and will be opening for Yelawolf and a gaggle of other acts on Monday, June 4 at Plush. The goofy rappers checked in for a few minutes to try and get you to stop taking pictures of yourself in the bathroom. Mosey over to their website to download "Chalk Dirty to Me" for free.

Joe Duepner: How's it going?

Dyl Staxx: So good! We just spent Memorial Day weekend at Hurricane Harbor. We did the hotel and everything! A little sun burnt, but our future's bright.

What artists first got you into music and inspired you to make your own?

Dyl Staxx: It wasn't any specific artist that got us inspired but rather the lack of artists doing what we're trying to accomplish. We saw a void that we thought we could fill.

Anybody out there you're really feeling right now?

Dyl Staxx: There's a handful of artists from our city who we feel can hold their weight against anyone in the industry. Tef Poe and Rockwell Knuckles are set to have an amazing year.

Any trends you guys wish would crawl back under whatever rock they came from?

Dyl Staxx: Taking bathroom pics of yourself, Angry Birds and thirst traps.

Do you each write your own lines or do you sometimes write for each other?

Dyl Staxx: We like to write separately. The recording process is the first time we hear what each other came up with. We have this confidence in each other knowing that they'll bring the heat.

Where do you do your best writing?

Dyl Staxx: Driving down the highway, in the kitchen and on the toilet. I'm in my most relaxed state doing these.

Dommy Shades: I like to ride the Grant's Farm train for hours until my verse is complete. It’s often not legible.

Do you keep a pad with you or record lines on your phone in the car or...?

Dyl Staxx: Whether we're getting mad on a pad, or in the zone on the phone best believe we're haulin' ass.

Who does your guys' beats?

Dyl Staxx: We've been working with the District and Tech Supreme for a while. We just recently started working with the Awesome Sound and CJ Luzi. Both great looks for us.

You give away all your music for free. It seems to be a growing trend among both established and up-and-coming acts. Why do you guys do it?

Dyl Staxx: We could charge for our music, but we hate when people try to sell us CDs. We don't just give our CDs away. We throw them in traffic and leave piles of them in public restrooms. We're paying it forward.

Do you have a pre-show ritual or anything to get pumped up for the show?

Dyl Staxx: Fast cars, fast women and fast food. We also have gotten a bit of a reputation for giving each other dares to do on stage. One time Dommy bet me I couldn't eat a whole pepperoni hot pocket during our set. I won.

Your shows can get kind of rowdy. Have you ever sustained any injuries?

Dyl Staxx: One time there was a table on stage, so I started jumping on it during the "Chalk Dirty To Me." The show was packed and the crowd was wild. During the second hook, the table broke and I fell flat on my back. Dommy fell on purpose to make me feel better. I wasn't paying attention to him and ended up kicking him in the face on accident. Someone has the footage. It needs to hit the web.

Dommy Shades: My shirt caught on fire at a show last summer. I have no permanent burns because a fan saw it really early and tackled me. We've been really good friends ever since.

The ChalkBoyz open for Yelawolf on Monday, June 4 at Plush.

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