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Wednesday, 21 March 2012 11:48

Update: 'Put a Bird On It' Andrew Bird winners

Update: 'Put a Bird On It' Andrew Bird winners Courtesy
Written by Chris Ward, Marketing/Communications
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We asked you to "Put an (Andrew) Bird On It " for a chance to attend a special Andrew Bird soundcheck and see the show Thursday, March 22 at The Pageant, and everyone flocked to the streets to do just that. 

Oh, and you know how we said we were picking two lucky winners? We're picking THREE, baby. 

Let's start with the Honorable Mentions, who are essentially everyone who entered except the three who won. Because they're still awesome.


Here's an incredibly punny entry from Rachel: A Bird in the hand is worth...well, you know.



...And Rachel's flipside pun: The Bird and the Be's. That would be MoKaBe's Coffehouse, of course. It's the same awkward talk our parents gave us.



The Firstie Award goes to our first entry, and Greg B.'s literal interpretation of the man. Ca-CAW!



This is the last known photo of Lee B., who played on the train tracks with his Andrew Bird poster despite my constant warnings. Totally worth it for this photo though.



The "Ed Gein Award" for most twisted Andrew Bird entry comes from Leatherface Sean, who may or may not being wearing a skin suit designed to look like a whistling violin player. So many questions here. Like, what did that ram do to deserve this? Is that moose crying? And what would you do if a bear attacked you with an Andrew Bird picture stapled to its chest? Sean's trophy room rivals the bad guy from Road House, so he's got that to be proud of.


Erica D.'s piece is titled "The legend of Andrew Piasa Bird." A piasa is a mythical creature you can read about on Wikipedia, and what you might see if you eat mushrooms before an Andrew Bird concert (pro tip: don't ever do that).



"He rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs, and over your neighbor's dog, for musical nerds the Bird is the word it's BIRD BIRD BIRD!" Everybody sing! Thank you Susan, for this awesome entry.



UP FROM THE DEPTHS, 30 STORIES HIGH, BREATHES FIRE, HIS HEAD IN THE SKY! BIRDZILLA, BIRDZILLA, BIRD-ZILLLA! (And Bird-Zooooky). Nobody panic: it's just a wonderful forced-perspetive shot from Anthony P.!



One of two entries from Matt E. (we'll get to the other one), and the only way I would watch Twilight. Still, I bet that vampire baseball scene would be pretty awesome though with a bunch of Andrew Birds, now that I thi...GAH! I've said too much! Fine, I HAVE seen Twilight! Are you happy? Damn you, Matt E.!




Lots of great St. Louis Cardinals-themed entries: these are from Kholood, Kristi B. and Lauren C. Go Red-Birds!



The last of the Honorable Mentions is this cat-tastic shot from Jessica H of her kitty going in for the Bird kill. I believe this is an action shot: I don't think this cat is stuffed the way all Norman Bates Sean's pets were in his entry. 



These three folks (and a friend) are going to the Andrew Bird soundcheck on Thursday, and the Pageant show that night. They did a awesome job in a field of crazy-good entries, and you can really see that they went the extra mile. 


User "kittylafever" emailed this gem that answers the time-honored question "Are You My Mother?" Kissing one egg, petting the other...what a good dad. And it's a nice composition, even if those might be chicken eggs? Not sure. I'm no egg expert. I won't even use the word "egg-spert" anymore. I did once, and it got me in a lot of trouble with the USDA, who I did not know also regulate puns surrounding dairy products. 



The word "evil genius" gets thrown around a lot, but what Matt E. did to his roommate is truly the work of a madman. I hope he videotapes the aftermath, because you know it's gonna be the first time someone says "Get your Bird shit off my computer, get your Bird shit off my walls, and get all your Bird shit out of my house." There goes Matt's deposit!



"TK-421, why aren't you at your post?" Well, we finally have the answer. The force is strong with Kelley M., whose entry is singlehandedly better than all the Star Wars prequels. It's got a tiny, cardboard violin, you guys: fiddling as the Empire around him burns. Isn't he a little short for a Stormtrooper? Nope, he's just right. 

Congrats to our winners, and thank you to everyone who participated in this truly weird contest. You've proved that you're the best fans in the entire world, and that there's no animal corpse you won't staple a head to for the chance to meet someone who's great at whistling. It's an honor just to know you.

Be sure to keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter, where you'll here about these contests first.





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