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Arturo O'Farrill at Jazz at the Bistro
Jazz is considered to be a true American art form, but when mixed with Afro-Cuban influences and Latin heritage, it has grown into a melange of worldly music shared across borders, continents and cultures.
Richard Goode
We may never know who first applied the nickname "Jupiter" to Mozart's last symphony—American musicologist Daniel Heartz posits that it was impresario Johann Peter Salomon—but it's not hard to see why the name stuck.
Concert review: G-Eazy makes it look just like his name at the Pageant, Wednesday, January 7
"I can't believe three years ago I was dancing on stage with this guy at the Gramophone," spouts a cohort between gasps of belief. "And now I'm watching him sell out the Pageant."
The Bad Plus at Jazz at the Bistro
The coming of the new year carries many traditions for many people, and for Jazz St. Louis it means welcoming avant-garde trio the Bad Plus back to the Bistro for the ninth straight year.
Album review: Becky Buller finds bluegrass gospel ''Tween Earth and Sky'
Becky Buller "'Tween Earth and Sky" Dark Shadow Recording Becky Buller has, until now, been known principally in the bluegrass world as a songwriter, and her list of credits bears that out. Her songs have been recorded by a who's…
Concert review: Genuine family fun with 'Pixar in Concert' at Powell Hall, December 27 and 28
Phrases like "family entertainment" and " recommended for all ages" are far too often euphemisms for "dull and unimaginative," as though children were simply very dim adults who could only be trusted with the performing arts equivalent of plastic scissors.…
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