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Beethoven Unbound: The St. Louis Symphony reinvigorates a master, November 15-16, Powell Hall
Great composers are great because they have important things to say. But it takes a great conductor and great musicians to fully express the composer's ideas. Fortunately, the St. Louis Symphony delivered mightily in all three areas this weekend.
Concert review: Street Fighting Band turns the Pageant into a rock 'n' Rolling Stones dance party on Friday, November 22
Tribute bands have become a big deal -- and a big draw -- particularly when they are comprised of talented musicians from some of the most popular local bands. Rolling Stones tribute act Street Fighting Band is one of the…
Album review: Julian Lage and Chris Eldridge shimmer on 'Avalon'
Julian Lage and Chris Eldridge "Avalon" +180 Records The cover photo of this disc is a composite of Julian Lage and Chris Eldridge, one image overlaid on the other. It's hard to see who belongs to which hands, or which…
Album review: Sean Watkins sings the truth on 'All I Do Is Lie'
Sean Watkins "All I Do Is Lie" Roaring Girl If you were a musician and needed a place to hide -- say you're on the run from an angry spouse or the revenue man -- you might consider standing next…
Concert review and set list: Brilliant with no bruises, the New Pornographers thrill St. Louis at the Pageant, Monday, November 10
Around 2005, I stumbled upon the New Pornographers via one of those ubiquitous sampler CDs stuck in the middle of every music magazine of the aughts. The song "Use It" lead me to seek out the rest of the band's…
Joshua Redmen at Jazz at the Bistro
It was a remarkably quiet night in midtown without the typical competition from the neighborhoods bounty of venues and arts attraction, but the Ferring Jazz Bistro was full of life and eager fans of the Joshua Redman Trio.
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