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Concert review and setlist: Arctic Monkeys thrill the Pageant with loud guitars and an instinct for survival, Tuesday, October 4
Touring for the latest Arctic Monkeys album "Suck it and See," Alex Turner and company stopped by to serenade St. Louis with their scorching and charismatic rock 'n' roll charmers.
Concert review: Death Cab for Cutie brings hits new and old to the Pageant, Sunday, October 2
The crowd slowly filled up the Pageant as three-piece Telekinesis, helmed by lead singer and drummer Michael Benjamin Lerner, opened with a high-energy, raucous set.
Concert review: Blue October kicks off October properly with angst-fueled rock at the Pageant, Saturday, October 1
Last night, Blue October filed on stage after a brain-rattling, hook-riddled performance by IAmDynamite. Blue October's lead singer and guitarist, Justin Furstenfeld, sported a clean-cropped mohawk and a pair of extra-long skater shorts. Soon, the rest of Blue October crashed…
George Gerswhin's portrait of Arnold Schoenberg
Friday’s St. Louis Symphony Concert was one of a series of local arts events kicking off the American Arts Experience—St. Louis, an annual seventeen-day festival “celebrating all mediums of American arts” according to the official web site. It’s somewhat ironic,…
Concert review: 'Meet me, meet me, meet the perfect me' in St. Louie, Louie. Deerhoof at the Luminary, Monday, September 26
Despite a history of fits and starts, and although once described as "discordant," "chaotic," and even "unpredictable," last night at the Luminary, Deerhoof did not for a single moment want for a united front or lack audience appreciation.
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