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Sunday, 19 May 2013 19:04

Concert review and set list: Eagles of Death Metal (with Speedboats) rage across Laclede's Landing, Saturday, May 18

Concert review and set list: Eagles of Death Metal (with Speedboats) rage across Laclede's Landing, Saturday, May 18‎
Written by Tyler Williamson

With a toast, a drag and a pair of suspenders, Jesse "The Devil" Hughes and his filthy cohorts, the Eagles of Death Metal, torched into the rarest of nights: paid for drinks, at a paid for show in the shadow of the Arch, framed by helicopter fly-bys.

Opening up, the homegrown Speedboats hit a wildly inconsistent set. Taking a few songs to find a stride, the group's staccato ska riffs finally mixed well against a blues jaunt. The crowd tellingly opted for seconds of the free food and none of the lubricated antics onstage. Despite coming across as typically being a fun-loving band, the fed-up bassist approximated a dig, "...the band you all came to see...I'm sorry, the band Jack Daniels paid for you to see." The lead guitarist redeemingly shredded a homeless man's "Eruption"-like solo to wrap up, separating himself from the worse, alternate take on Taking Back Sunday's upbeat tracks.

The crowd couldn't be soured though. Not with turkey subs, soft-baked chocolate chip cookies, sunset, at least a drink ticket and the Eagles of Death Metal left -- thanks sponsors, but you'll remain anonymous here.

Then, the unmistakable, glistening grey beard of Darlin' Dave Catching catches half the crowd's attention and "Suzy Q" blares from the stage. Dale Hawkins' opening lyrics were overmatched by the roar for now front-and-center Mr. Hughes. Clad like the Man in Black, Boots Electric kicked off the madness with the longtime staple "I Only Want You." "Cherry Cola" and "Bad Dream Mama" kept the comfortably full pit shaking its collective ass early. Unable to contain himself and his post-show plans, the frontman spilled his love for the crowd: "We're gonna swap campfire stories while I give each one of you a hug."

The cock-rock assault only let up once, during some sort of amplifier malfunction. A fan in the crowd got to take home the swapped out guitar -- which somewhat made up for the snafu.

Winding down to the frenetic end of their set, Jesse filled the crowd in on another nugget. His doctor declined to clear him for the show, citing a 104 degree fever: "So hot to the touch you'll catch fire." As if to dare the front row, he stepped off the stage to trade "Speaking in Tongues" riffs from the barrier. With night descending upon the perfect stage and Jesse's shirt marking the second one-of-a-kind souvenir from the show, the guys bid adieu to the unforgettable night with a final bow.

I Only Want You
Don't Speak (I Came to Make a Bang!)
Bad Dream Mama
Cherry Cola
Heart On
So Easy
Secret Plans
Now I'm A Fool
English Girl
I Like to Move in the Night
Already Died
Stuck in the Metal
Whorehoppin (Shit, Goddamn)
Wanna Be in L.A.
Kiss the Devil
I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News)
Speaking in Tongues

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