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Monday, 05 November 2012 11:33

Concert review and set list: Matt and Kim (with Oberhofer) get wild at the Pageant, Sunday, November 4

Matt and Kim at the Pageant Matt and Kim at the Pageant Abby Gillardi
Written by Brian Benton

Matt and Kim have a reputation for playing crazy shows. Even if you've never seen them before, you might have heard about the tradition of guys in the crowd taking off their shirts and waving them in the air or of Kim literally walking and dancing on top of the crowd.

At the Pageant on Sunday, they brought all their usual tricks, and a few more. And naturally, they put on a crazy show.

Oberhofer, led by 20-year-old wunderkind Brad Oberhofer, started off the night with poppy indie rock. "Haus" was a highlight, opening with a guitar-noodling jam session before bursting into the core of the song. Throughout the set, Brad's floppy mop of curly hair only moved from covering his eyes when he jumped, which happened to be a lot. He was a ball of energy, bouncing around the stage, using his four bandmates as bumpers for all 45 minutes of the set. The band and show were a bit rough, but Oberhofer is young and is definitely a group to keep an eye on.

Between sets the packed crowd cheered as the crew moved a platform with two sheet-covered objects onto the stage. A few minutes later, they cheered again when the sheets were removed, revealing the keyboard and drum set, on which Matt and Kim would soon be wreaking their havoc.

With flashing strobe lights and a recording of roaring thunder -- a play off their new album's title, "Lightning" -- the power couple ran onto stage, immediately taking their places and breaking into song.

During "Block After Block," the first song of the night, Kim slipped as she climbed on top of her drum set. After finishing the song, she said she had never slipped before, but knew it was a sign that tonight would be a lot of fun. Never fazed, both Kim and Matt continued with their regular show, climbing on top of their respected instruments almost a dozen times each -- as the night continued, it was clear Kim was right.

In front of a huge video screen that showed lyrics, clips of people dancing and live footage of Matt and Kim playing, the duo performed a greatest hits set with songs from all four of their full-length albums. "Good Ole Fashion Nightmare" was mixed with Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Jump On It," which the crowd naturally loved. Before "It's a Fact (Printed Stained)" Kim threw balloons into the crowd as Matt sprayed confetti.

Between songs, the duo alternated between impromptu dance parties to songs like Kanye West's "Mercy" and Yolanda Be Cool's "We No Speak Americano" and made some lighthearted chitchat. "We go to places like Belgium where they're known for beer and we're like 'Do you have any Budweiser?'" said Matt, holding his red bottle above in the air in salute to St. Louis. Kim also took a moment to talk about the need for people to adopt stray pets. Stray Rescue of St. Louis had a table set up at the venue with more information and a means to donate.

Slower songs like "Ten Dollars I Found" were necessary breathers from the otherwise dance-inducing power jams, but the faster-paced songs were most exciting. The crowd went the most berserk during "Daylight" and "Let's Go," which were played back-to-back. Matt offered a soft introduction on his keyboard before fully breaking into the lyrics of "Daylight." For the next eight-minutes, I honestly don’t think anyone inside the Pageant stood still.

The encore, "Good For Great," was not what I was expecting, but the crowd reacted well and people began jumping and dancing for one last time. After the final song came to an end, the crowd cleared out, leaving an empty floor covered with confetti and popped balloons. Matt and Kim had certainly made their mark.

Matt and Kim set list:

Block After Block
It's Alright
45 King
Red Paint
It's a Fact (Printed Stained)
Good Ole Fashion Nightmare / Jump On It (Sir Mix-A-Lot cover)
Turn This Boat Around
Silver Tiles
Yea Yeah / Better Off Alone (Alice DJ cover)
Ten Dollars I Found
Let's Go
Lessons Learned

Good for Great

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