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Sunday, 21 April 2013 10:56

Concert review and set list: Slightly Stoopid (with Tribal Seeds) takes the Pageant higher and higher, Thursday, April 18

Slightly Stoopid at the Pageant Slightly Stoopid at the Pageant Tyler Williamson
Written by Tyler Williamson

In sneakers, cargo shorts and that didn't-shower-today sheen, Slightly Stoopid took to the Pageant stage with a look that contradicted its organic, smooth and personal sound.

After strolling through the Tropic-tinged bliss of "Don't Stop," busking Spanish street corners with "Anywhere I Go," and helping singles flow with a strip club staple candidate, Slightly Stoopid transcended genres and sowed the seeds for a constant dreamscape.

Up first Tribal Seeds poured out a bong water-soaked journey through reverb-maxed nu-reggae. While a decent groove, the set came across as one winding song rather than a collection of distinct, quality cuts.

Putting other dreadheads to shame, keyboardist E.N Young's wine-bottle thick nattys bounced off his calves throughout the set -- particularly during his melodica solos. Channeling an apparent influence in System of a Down, the band elicited a hearty response to their "fuck the system" chants.

With everybody's buzz wearing off, the pit effectively provided a contact high between acts for anybody rationing. Kyle McDonald later joked, after passing to the left, that they could smoke on-stage as long as they brought enough for the crowd.

The countless baby faces in the pit were a true testament to Slightly Stoopid's word-of-mouth appeal, especially considering plenty looked as if they shared a birth year with the year band signed to Skunk Records. While any mention of the label found now looks of recognizance, everyone had your back on any forgotten yet essential Slightly Stoopid concert-going pieces.

Even with the seams inaudible between reggae, ska, pop and blues, each set choice maintained an exclusive identity. Straddling the Swiss-Army functions of the band's 17 years of material, the guys took the crowd from lounging out the back of their van at the midday cookout to the beach for a midnight stargaze and back to the smoking circle for some of Miles Doughty's love advice.

Pouring out the fan love, band co-founder Doughty made sure to let the Pageant-goers know, "Always fun, always a party when we come to St. Louie!" -- the band awesomely never pronounced the "s," always opting for a few extra "e"s. Of course, the proclamation came on the heels of Kyle's foray across the first tier of the venue -- hive-fives and handshakes galore before a crowd-surf back to his guitar. Also enjoyable in its own right: the indifferent exchange accompanying every time the two frontmen traded guitars and the Temptations-like two-step from the excellent two-piece brass section.

Even featuring a couple of moshs and a couple of freestyles by Kyle, the set's pre-encore section fittingly ended on "We Don't Wanna Go." With Tribal Seeds trickling back out to wrap up the show, just about everyone bid one last thanks to the crowd. Sticking around for a set list proper off the stage, Oguer Ocon reappeared for the diehard fans to shake hands, accept thanks and take pictures. Fully awash in the show's personal blend, I finally stumbled out.

Set list:

Don't Stop
Anywhere I Go
Pussy Gets Wet
Ska Diddy
Del Roy / Digital
2 AM / Dancing Mood
Pon Da Horizon
False Rhythms
Hold on to the One
Slightly Stoopid
Babylon Is Falling
Fat Spliffs
Closer to the Sun
Underneath the Pressure
Serious Man
Top of the World
Baby I Like It
We Don't Wanna Go

I'm on Fire
Collie Man
Dem Fruits

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