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Monday, 07 January 2013 17:21

Concert review: Dirt Nasty (with DJ Deks and VDJ Jay-E) gets down and very dirty at the Old Rock House, Saturday, January 5

Concert review: Dirt Nasty (with DJ Deks and VDJ Jay-E) gets down and very dirty at the Old Rock House, Saturday, January 5
Written by Tyler Williamson
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Letting over three hours go by after doors opened, Dirt Nasty's Saturday night show at the Old Rock House devolved into a referendum on unpredictability and expectations. Actor Simon Rex's foray into music came across like his "Scary Movie 3" parody of Eminem, minus the MPAA concerns.

Prior to Dirt's stumbling towards the stage, DJ Deks and VDJ Jay-E ran through distinctive and distinctively appreciated sets. Deks highlighted an East-Coast take on Billboard's Top 40 in hip-hop/R&B from a decade ago -- including the song that sold a thousand throwback Astros' jerseys, "Nothin'" -- rounded out by all-time classics "T.R.O.Y." and "Ain't No Half-Steppin'."

Unfortunately, DJ Deks stopped short of playing anyone representing Staten Island, as the crowd, channeling the headliner, had yet to show. In contrast, Jay-E's set proved his sense for who would be showing up. Jay-E, a local gem, has made the most of the St. Lunatics stopping by the skate rink he spun at one fateful day in the '90s. Since helping to shape Nelly's sound, he's the internationally known producer who owns the production credits for "Country Grammar (Hot Shit)," "Batter Up," and "E.I." His VDJ set, with extensive yet impressive meshing throughout, made a solid argument that most who showed could recite "The Hangover." Gratitude is due for the kaleidoscopic jaunt through the 8-bit theme song of "The Legend of Zelda."

However, it was Dirt Nasty sitting atop the marquee and Method Man (who was playing this evening at the Coliseum) the spurned opportunity of the night. With anticipation waning, it dragged on like an expensive frat party more than a show. The wait was sobering in its own right, but Dirt Nasty slunk onstage to assure us he's just been drinking backstage "this whole time." Cue celebrity sextape clips edited together from the past decade, set to "Fuck Me I'm Famous," and we were off.

While that alone could solidify most opinions of the night's entertainment, Dirt had clearly found a niche that existed in Mound City. Dirt, another 49ers fan traveling through, even took time to admit the Rams "whooped our ass" this year. Of course, such pandering is easy when his team owns a first-round bye.

Nasty's highlights, a freestyle over "Country Grammar," and the actually laughable lyrics of "1980" and "Big in Japan," were unfortunately mixed amongst one-trick joke "Baby Dick" and Dirt unplugging himself. Making up for it to the front row, he doled shots of Jack Daniels straight from his fifth. "My Dick," Mickey Avalon's group cut from the defunct Dyslexic Speedreaders, put the whole balcony on its feet and the pit into hysterics.

A successful night apparently wasn't meant to be, however, as a fight dispersed about a quarter of the pit's crowd and took another quarter's attention squarely off the stage. Dirt Nasty's crown jewel, "I Can't Dance," only temporarily restored order, as Dirt's seemingly abbreviated set ended shortly thereafter. It made for a grand total of 40 minutes. No "Milk, Milk, Lemonade"? No "Boombox"? Unsure as to how I could have left with a worse taste in my mouth, yet another fight broke out outside the club.

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