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Lou Bopp, Photographer, Portraits of the Blues at the Sheldon

December 10, 2013 by Nancy Kranzberg

Since 2008, Lou Bopp has made regular trips to Mississippi to record the end of an era of blues musicians who have made important contributions to this classic American musical genre. To date, he has made compelling portraits of around 70 of these artists. In this body of work, he has also recorded the culture of the juke joints, roadhouses and the culture that has supported the music. Bopp’s photographs are compelling portraits of the people and places of Mississippi Blues music, but they are more than documents. His keen sensitivity to color and composition has resulted in a body of work that is both art and document. Bopp is a freelance photographer whose clients have included Sports Illustrated, Time, GE, Time Warner, Purina and Nike. In 2012, he was the cinematographer on the blues music documentary,We Juke Up in Here.





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