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About me
Paul Stark (1959- ) is known to many St. Louisians as the host of KDHX 88.1 FM Ska's The Limit, a weekly radio show on the air in St. Louis area since 1991 and on the internet since 1996. In 2008, he retired from Ska's The Limit to move onto a new format of show called "KDHX Musical Merry-Go-Round" playing family-friendly music for an audience of all-ages.

He was also a business partner & operations manager of Frederick's Music Lounge, a revered St. Louis music venue from 2000-2006, and founder of "The Chippewa Chapel Traveling Guitar Circle, Medicine Show, Open Mic & Musicians Networking Night", an ongoing open mic event that travels to a different St. Louis area venue every week.(2006-present)

Partial list of known public entertainment background includes:

* A summer as "Lewis & Clark Mississippi River Adventure" performer at Six Flags over Mid-America, Eureka, MO

* Managing Grindhouse and Adult Movie theaters for San Diego's Walnut Properties Corp. in the late 1970's (pre- the advent of home video)

* Manager & later buyer for St. Louis Metro East area's original movie theater and video store chain (Originally Videotron, later B.A.C. Video a.k.a. Bloomer Amusement Corp.,)(1982-1989)

* Director of Purchasing for Sight and Sound Distributors, a national home video distributor (1989-1996)

* Host of 88.1 FM KDHX "Ska's The Limit" radio show (1993-2008)

* Operations Director for Woodland Entertainment Group (1997-1999) & Blue Sky Distributing (1999-2002)

* Online Content Producer for and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (2002-present)

* Organizer of St. Louis' Ska-O-Rama benefit concert series:

o "Ska-O-Rama" (1997) at The Hi-Pointe Cafe, benefiting 88.1 FM KDHX - featuring Big Boss Man, The Incidents, The Keekomen, The Kinetics, Mikey Can't Skank, The Red Stripe All-Stars, The Solicitors, The Special Guest, The Stunt Doublez, & The Suspenders.

o "Son of Ska-O-Rama" (1998) at The Galaxy, benefiting Gateway To A Cure for Spinal Cord Injuries - featuring 3WS, Anti-Jock, Chia Band, The Incidents, Jumpin' River Cats, The Kinetics, Mound City Seven, Orange Tree, Pacific Street Parkers, The Red Stripe All Stars, The Special Guest, The Stunt Doublez, The Suspenders, & The STL Irregulars

o "Ska-O-Rama Strikes Back" (1998) at The Casa Loma Ballroom, benefiting St. Louis University Cancer Research and Treatment group - featuring MU330, the Skalars, Orange Tree, The Kinetics, The Solicitors, the Mound City Seven, The Studebakers, & Big Boss Man

o "SOR4: The Return of Ska-O-Rama" (1999) at The Casa Loma Ballroom, benefiting the Humane Society of Missouri - featuring Deals Gone Bad, Fat Cactus, The Kickbacks, The Kinetics, Murder City Players, Once More Once, Orange Tree, Pacific Street Parkers, Red Stripe All Stars, & The Secretaries

o "Ska-O-Rama 5: The Birthday Bash" (1999) at The Casa Loma Ballroom, benefiting the St. Louis Effort for AIDS Campus Outreach Program - featuring The Ambiguous They, Cataphasia, Dan Potthast of MU330, Fat Cactus, Murder City Players, Orange Tree, the Postals, Radioactive Bananas, Runforyerlife, Secret Cajun Band, Corey Dixon & the Zvooks, & What's Wrong With Nate

o "Ska-O-Rama 6 ... they're back!" (2000) at The Casa Loma Ballroom, benefiting the Epilepsy Foundation of the St. Louis Region - featuring Murder City Players, Orange Tree, Corey Dixon and the Zvooks, the Ambiguous They, the Kickbacks, What Happened to the 69 Chargers, Hot Stove Jimmy, The Stand, & Heavy Step

* Manager/Operator of Frederick's Music Lounge (2000-2006)

* Board Member Double Helix Corporation aka KDHX St. Louis Community Media (2001-2002)

* Organizer of "Rylee's Grampa's Friends" childrens charity concert series:

o "Rylee's Grampa's Friends" at The Royale Restaurant, benefiting Camp Sunrise at YMCA Trout Lodge (May 2006)

o "Rylee's Grampa's Friends present More Friends" childrens concert at Tower Grove Park October 6, 2007, benefiting Camp Sunrise at YMCA Trout Lodge

o "Rylee's Grampa's Friends present Helping Friends 3" childrens concert at Tower Grove Park October 4, 2008, benefiting Sammy Lyn Wyeth family.

o "Rylee's Grampa's Friends present Helping Friends 4" childrens concert at Tower Grove Park September 26, 2009, benefiting Camp Sunrise at YMCA Trout Lodge.

* Opening House Manager for Boogaloo Restaurant in Maplewood, MO (Summer 2005-Spring 2006)

* Operator of the Childrens' Carrousel at Westfield Shoppingtown Crestwood (summer 2006-Spring 2007)

* Spotted (Summer 2007-present) working at Off Broadway Music Club in St. Louis (title unknown)

* Organizer of a series of "Jump Start The Fourth Wave of Ska" concerts to benefit KDHX St. Louis Community Media:

o "KDHX Ska's The Limit Winter Ska-liday Party" (Off Broadway Dec 2007) featuring MU330, Murder City Players, Secret Cajun Band, The Kickbacks, & Zeda's Beatbox

o "KDHX Ska's The Limit 17th Birthday Party"(Off Broadway Feb 2008) featuring The Toasters, Deal's Gone Bad, Jesse Irwin & The West Memphis Country & Western Ska Destroyers, & The Red Light Runners

o "KDHX Ska's The Limit Spring Shindig"(Off Broadway May 2008) featuring Eastern Standard Time, Murder City Players, The Drastics, Green Room Rockers, & The Incredible Heat Machine

o "KDHX Ska's The Limit Rock 'n' Ska Independence Party" a benefit for KDHX St. Louis Community Media (Off Broadway July 2008) featuring Deal's Gone Bad, The Tripdaddys, The Pinstripes, Zeda's Beat Box, & Tommy Halloran

* Host of 88.1 FM KDHX "Musical Merry-Go-Round" radio show (2008-present)

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United States

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KDHX Affiliation

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