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Best known under her professional pseudonym of Adrianna Larkin, Nancy Herold is an internationally known radio host, author, keynote speaker, life coach and motivational performer, offering her unique blend of original music for personal empowerment and life transformation.

Nancy began her professional career as a registered nurse at the urging of her father who made it clear he was not going to pay for a degree in the performing arts and encouraged her instead to become a nurse. Her detour as an RN did little to discourage Nancy from performance however. Having received formal training in flute and piano while in high school, she began crafting songs as a means of teaching herself to play guitar in her 30’s. Influenced by the folk divas of the 70’s (Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Carol King, Carly Simon), as well as the lyrical content of Billy Joel and Mary Chapin Carpenter, she began to perform her original songs whenever she could while working as a nurse.

“I believe things happen for a reason”, Nancy offers. “What I was able to observe in more than two decades as a nurse, is that there is a bulletproof formula for good health: It’s called ‘being happy’”.

As the author of “Igniting the Sacred Fire, Reinventing Yourself at Any Age” she shares her personal story of “reinvention”—and return to happiness—as a full-time motivational performer at the tender age of 50, in the midst of extremely challenging circumstances.

“Music has been part of my life for as long as I can remember” says Nancy. “I will always be a musician at heart. I perform in a variety of venues even now. Yet, I understand that music has a remarkable ability to reach us at a much deeper level, creating self awareness and forging new pathways in our brain. That is essential when undergoing any kind of transition. It becomes even more so with career transition because so many of our waking hours are spent at our jobs..and we fall prey to societal programming which dictates what our careers should look like.”

Whether in song, speech or radio broadcast, her message is designed to be uplifting, delivered with heart and humor. Serving as both host and producer of an online radio program entitled Sacred Fire Living: Creating the Life You Really Want, Using the Gifts You Already Own, ( she features guests from a variety of disciplines to inspire, inform and teach others how to live their lives more authentically through the vehicles of group and individual coaching

Since releasing her first book "Igniting the Sacred Fire, Reinventing Yourself at Any Age", Nancy has been increasingly called upon to speak to a large number of groups regarding career and life transition. Nancy offers, “So many of us—myself included—received messages when we were young from well intentioned parents, & teachers, telling us that we could not have what we wanted; that we needed to reach for a less lofty goal or seek a career other than the one we would choose for ourselves. Yet, it has been shown time and again that what we are drawn toward and inspired by, are the very things for which we have some skill or natural ability that we can leverage for our greatest success.”

“My experience is not unique. Research supports my observation linking happiness to physical well being, as well as our relationships and longevity. Still we have a tendency to overlook the two options for creating that happiness: a reframing of our present circumstances or using the power we own to create new ones.”

Nancy adds, “I encourage people to do both--and offer them tools to assist the process.”

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