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Al Erickson

Tuesday, 01 April 2008 13:37

The Vultures 4/1/08

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Picking at the bones of raw garage and punk, the Vultures play rock 'n' roll with instinct and passion. They swooped down to the KDHX studios to tape for Volume 2 of Nick Aquisto's Space Parlour compilation.

Monday, 29 November 1999 19:00


New Jewish Theatre

Through December 16, 2007
Reviewed by Al Erickson
Between December, 1938 and September, 1939, ten thousand children between the ages of five and seventeen were given up by their parents and transported to Britain from Nazi-controlled Germany, Austria, Poland, and Czechoslovakia.
Friday, 20 June 2008 19:00

Madame Butterfly

Opera Theatre of St. Louis

Through June 28, 2008
Reviewed by Al Erickson
I should state up front that I am not an "opera buff." I am not one of those who, when they hear the name Puccini, say things like, "Oh, Puccini. All he ever did was write some pretty melodies." I like those pretty melodies, especially when, as was the case last Thursday, those pretty melodies work in concert with a good story and high emotions.

Thursday, 12 March 2009 15:01

Paper Dolls 3/12/09

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Perpetuating a dark and haunting sound, the Paper Dolls are an all girl rock group that combines cascading melodies, jazzy cabaret and entrancing vocals. The performed live on the Space Parlour.