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Derek Schwartz

In December of 2013, KDHX DJ Jason Robinson placed "Major Arcana," the explosive debut album from Speedy Ortiz, on a year-end top 10 list titled the "Household Names, and Some That Will Be Edition." Two years later, that prophecy is coming true. Last month, the Boston-based experimental rockers released their sophomore album, "Foil Deer," launching the five members into a swarm of critical praise and national attention.

Diarrhea Planet isn't the type of band to pull their punches and it's not the type for subtlety.

Empire Hall is as nice of a spot as any in St. Louis to host a party. Giant windows look out over California Avenue, and natural light spills into the space, illuminating the white pillars and shining hardwood floors of the interior. There is a subtle elegance to the space, making it the perfect spot for a wedding reception or a gallery opening.

When Jordan Smith and his friends started playing concerts around Nashville, Tennessee in college, they made their intentions very clear. They would be the most "extreme, obnoxious, visceral, in-your-face" rock band of all time. They called themselves Diarrhea Planet.

It was a long, crazy night at the Ready Room. With two excellent opening sets from Digital Leather and the Hussy, it wasn't until 10:15 p.m. that the Faint took the stage in a sea of smoke.

Thursday, 10 April 2014 12:00

The Melodic 4/10/14

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It's usually not a good idea to access a band by their name, but in the case of the folk-rock band the Melodic, it makes perfect sense.

Alex Turner walks onto the stage, lights flashing, and before he opens the Arctic Monkeys' set, he hammers out a few quick guitar riffs. The reverb is turned all the way up, and Turner's sweet nothings echo through the sold-out crowd before they fade away into the screams of the audience.

Thursday, 30 January 2014 13:00

The Hold Steady 1/30/14

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The Hold Steady's Facebook page, where the band lists their musical genre, simply states: "Straight up Rock & Roll."

More than ever, the music scene in 2013 has been full of surprises.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013 13:00

Washed Out 11/13/13

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At 31 years old, Washed Out is one of the older chillwave artists, a genre dominated by artists in their teens and young twenties, but don't let that cast a shadow on his cultural relevance.

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