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Dick Caveat

A busy few days -- including two acts saying farewell Saturday.

Here's your weekend, which includes a very packed Saturday.

To date, November's a bit laid back; here's a weekend lacking a large number of picks, but enough good-quality ones.

Better nearly too late than never -- things are kind of mellow tonight after a too-busy Halloween.

Sorry, folks -- too time-pressed for more than a one-day issue. Saturday will come ASAP.

A short-on-details edition for a short-on-shows weekend -- not much to recommend.

I'm gonna be pretty busy for a few weeks -- editions may be light on details for a while.

It's frustrating to have all these great shows butting heads. To paraphrase Tina Fey/Liz Lemon -- I want to go to all of there.  Something for (almost) everyone awaits.

It wasn't the case that no shows worthy of mention happened Sunday through Tuesday -- I just didn't have time to let you know about them. Here's the music mayhem I could get to -- a couple of very packed weeknights.

Thanks to a technical glitch by Yahoo Mail, a packed edition for this weekend that had been saved as a draft several times since Tuesday just went fully into the ether Thursday evening -- an infuriating waste of several hours' work.

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