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Joshua Edwards

Several Shades of Why, the latest album from J Mascis, is quite captivating. When sitting down to give a listen it really pulled me in. While the music is minimalist in nature, it is more than enough to please the most discerning ears.

Upon sampling the flavors of Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears' newest album, Scandalous, my toe tapping began. The mixture of soul and blues gets downright funky at times and just might cause the listener to get up and move.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011 08:27

Charting the Music: Cut Copy, 'Zonoscope'

Cut Copy's Zonoscope covers some serious sonic territory. A wide range of sounds spew out from song to song on the band's latest release. While some tracks rely on strong hooks and vocal melodies to drive them, others dip into uniquely-styled experimentation.

Lucinda Williams' Blessed has felt strangely familiar to my ears, though I've just begun to dive into her newest release. This familiarity likely stems from instrumentation. The blend of blues and country are easy to absorb. They carry along a sense of comforting nostalgia for me.

Tuesday, 08 March 2011 08:00

Charting the Music: Yuck, Self-titled

Yuck, an up-and-coming band from London, has delivered everything from sweet and mellow to saturated filth with their debut self-titled release. The truth is I have been hoping for the chance to give my 2 cents about the album since it first arrived at the station.

In all honesty it has taken me a while to get my head around PJ Harvey's latest release, Let England Shake, which has been rapidly climbing the charts here at KDHX.

As I listen to Go-Go Boots, the most recent release by Drive-By Truckers, the words “raw” and “pure” come to my mind. Rather than releasing all of its newer material at once in 2010, DBTs took its time, splitting up its latest songs into 2 releases according to stylistic elements and theme.

Editor's Note: In this series, the KDHX Music Department spotlights a new release that's hot on the 88.1 charts.

The Decemberists’ latest release, The King Is Dead, puts a unique spin on a familiar genre while continuing to please the band's fans. To my ears, the Decemberists were out to prove only one thing with this release: a back-to-basics approach is all that is needed to create music worth hearing.

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