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Kate McDaniel

It certainly didn't feel like a Sunday evening as Dale Watson took the stage at Off Broadway last night for a KDHX benefit.

If last night was any indication of what is in store for live music in 2011, this is going to be an outstanding year.

When talented singer songwriters like Jill Andrews and Cassie Morgan share a bill, there is no doubt that the audience is in for a special treat. Both women create powerful lyrics and have enchanting voices that can put a hush over a noisy bar. They each debuted new songs during their sets for the delighted audience and both delivered flawless performances.

An assortment of local bands played tribute to Uncle Tupelo in front of a sold-out crowd at Off Broadway. The crowd rocked, swayed and sang along to songs that they knew and loved. It proved to be another affirmation of how much this city loves local music and the radio station that supports it.

Shearwater, a 5-piece band fronted by Jonathan Meiburg that shares it's name with a sea bird, filled the Duck Room with powerful, complex arrangements that relied on instrumental layering, rather than hooks to hold the audience's attention.

All photos by Kate McDaniel. See more at my Flickr stream.

Local darlings Cassie Morgan and the Lonely Pine played to an early crowd at the Gramophone last night. Liza Day opened for the duo and brought a full band to back her with spot on harmonies, tasteful guitar and a warm country sound.

Ben Kweller played to a packed house at Off Broadway last night. Kweller took the stage alone and played a solid 90 minute set, moving back and forth between guitar and keyboards, playing songs that every audience member seemed to know by heart.

All photos by Kate McDaniel. See more at my Flickr stream. 

All photos by Kate McDaniel. See more at my Flickr stream. 88.1 KDHX is a media sponsor of Beat 'n' Soul.

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