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Rodney Crowell has had one of the great careers in American music -- and it ain't over yet. With his latest album, "Tarpaper Sky," he reunites with the core members of his classic '80s band, and threads together all of his musical loves: rockabilly, blues, gospel, country and folk. He's also back out on the road again, and on Thursday, June 5, 2014, KDHX will welcome Crowell to Off Broadway in St. Louis for a headlining show at Twangfest 18.

On Wednesday, June 4, 2014, Twangfest 18 kicks off at Plush in St. Louis with a night of soul and funk featuring Cody ChesnuTT, DeRobert & the Half-Truths and St. Louis' own Theresa Payne. Considered one of the most powerful singers on the St. Louis neo-soul scene, Payne recently released the single "Bye Fear," her boldest, most confident recording to date.

Thursday, 29 May 2014 11:50

Song of the Day: 'Gold Star' by Tristen

KDHX is proud to welcome Nashville, Tennessee via Chicago musician Tristen to Twangest 18 on June 6, 2014 at Off Broadway. Her most recent album, "CAVES," finds the songwriter making a convincing turn towards evocative synth-pop, while retaining the lyrical core of her previous work. The exhilarating "Gold Star" deserves a gold star in any contemporary indie-rock songbook.

On the track "Doesn't Shine," San Francisco-based musician Terese Taylor plunges into the post-modern blues river for a lowdown and angst-scorched sound that should win over fans of both the Black Keys and PJ Harvey.

If you're looking for the latest in misty, jangly indie pop, the last place you'd probably look is Instanbul, Turkey, but should you make that trip, the Away Days would be more than worth it. The new track "Your Colour" evokes echoes of the Ocean Blue and the Macabees (Brighton producer Jag Jago, who has worked with the Maccabees, has recorded the band's new album), with plenty of guitar shimmer and melodic clarity to keep your day dreams alive.

If the Beastie Boys never had a budget but had an indie-pop sensibility and a bedroom in New Mexico, they might have come up with something like Balue's (aka Eli Thomas) danceable and comic "Charming Flow." DIY rarely sounds this delirious.

Thursday, 22 May 2014 08:54

Song of the Day: 'Lullaby' by Luha

Swedish (at least that's our presumption) artist Luha has decided to keep her identity something of a mystery. It's a fitting strategy for the ambient, dream-pop sound of the single "Lullaby," which seems to come from everywhere and nowhere at once.

The ninth annual Midwest Mayhem -- KDHX's thank-you party for donors that contribute during its spring drive -- washed over the City Museum on Thursday night.

Whether or not "My Daddy Rocks Me" is the first popular song to mention both "rock" and "roll" in a non-religious context, the tune remains a pre-War jazz and blues classic. Tom Hall and Alice Spencer, veterans of the Geyer Street Sheiks, and now regularly performing together as T&A, capture both the rock and the roll and a whole lot more in this swinging version.

With echoes of the Smiths and a perspective that's as dark as it is personal, "Shallow Breath" finds songwriter Nathan Blumenfeld-James and his band Early Morning Rebel letting just voice and guitar set the scene before rising into full, eerie lushness.

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