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Newcomer Brendan Dalton crafts a simple, dreamy song on "Beachcomber's Holler"; you can almost see (and hear) the campfires crackling in the distance.

The sweeping, fuzz and electric piano-based track "You Can Have Me" showcases Nashville-based singer-songwriter Zach Vinson's vision of indie-pop music: reflective and lyrical, while still in the thrall of dynamic production.

On the new track "LiberTeens," Malmö, Sweden-based indie-pop Emerald Park fuses playful, autotuned electronic music with straightup alternative rock flourishes for a pretty bracing mashup.

Newly formed band Broke Royals, featuring Philip Basnight and Colin Cross, make rock anthems that, on tracks like "The Thick of It," rise above the studio polish for a purely emotional release.

The Folk School of KDHX provides a chance to cut-loose and kick up your heels once a month at The Stage.

Friday, 22 May 2015 09:11

Song of the Day: 'Ricohet' by guns

Opening with a taut guitar, filtered through some Sun Studios slapback, and the ethereal voice of Norway musician Gunhild Jarwson Tekle and some highly Kate Bush-esque synth paddings, "Ricochet" by guns, appears to be a study in contrasts. But appearances are nothing if not deceiving. The song finds pop cohesion in its mood and hooks.

Tuesday, 21 May 2030 12:00

Literature for the Halibut


Tuesday, 21 May 2030 12:00


Tuesday, 21 May 2030 12:00

Collector's Edition


Tuesday, 21 May 2030 12:00

Collateral Damage


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