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Haelos features the combined talents of Arthur Delaney, Dom Goldsmith and Lotti Benardout, three Londoners making fluid and misty electronic pop with a cinematic feel ala Portishead and Massive Attack. The sound is especially alluring on the new band's cover of the Beloved's '80s classic "The Sun Rising."

Steve Benjamins' latest effort takes a more contemplative, electronic turn, and while the dynamics of the new track "Sightlines" are more subtle than some of his previous pop-oriented releases, the effect can still be musically stunning.

Midwest Mayhem took control of the City Museum on Thursday night, with KDHX members and supporters filling the halls at this annual blowout.

Charlie Barnes sometimes calls his music "death pop," which is probably more than a little ironic. With echoes of Rufus Wainwright, the Beatles and maybe even a little bit of Queen, "Sing to God" is an explosion of orchestral indie-rock.

Post-punk is many things: If you want a glimpse of where it may be headed, listen to "Lies" by Totem Terrors, a howling, alienated but still catchy blast of danceable rock 'n' roll.

Beginning on a downcast, reflective note, "American Drag" by Portland, Oregon band the Domestics quickly shifts into something else entirely: a quirky and ebullient love song filled with twisting guitars and tight harmonies, ready made for a power-pop summer.

High-octane Scottish indie-rock band Idlewild finds a clear and soulful acoustic sound -- with glowing organ and fulsome backing harmonies -- on a newly released version of "Every Little Means Trust," recorded live at An Tobar (Isle of Mull) during the band's 2014 acoustic tour.

Glasgow, Scotland band the Dirty Blonde might take its time kicking into full gear, but when new track "Take You Under" reaches overdrive, it finds blistering alternative-rock bliss.


Dreamy and absolutely dancy, "Clicks In" by Caralis marks a departure for Dan Frau, best known as leader of UK alt-rock band Anison. The electronic-pop sound, crafted by producer John Merriman, falls and rises somewhere between Muse and Broken Bells.

Like an improbable if not impossible cross between Hank Williams and Townes Van Zandt, "Going Down to the River" by Doug Seegers is absolutely classic country for a spirit-starved new age.

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