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Remixed in sparkling, snapping fashion by Autograf, "All We Need" by Seattle electropop duo ODESZA hits the dance floor with bent and bright hooks.

Monday, 27 April 2015 07:00

Song of the Day: 'Tell Me Baby' by Yazan

Greasy as a skillet and twice as hot and heavy, Brooklyn, New York band Yazan heats up some Southern garage blues on the new track "Tell Me Baby."

Anchored by a simple and delicate acoustic guitar figure, "Fire in a Classroom" reaches an intense, personal level on the Kate Bush-like strength of Julie Hawk's voice and her band HAWK's spiraling, atmospheric rock intuitions.

The celebratory, spiritual song "Lift Me Up" arises from Brooklyn, New York songwriter Jeremy Bass' personal desolation. Marriage over, house sold, money gone, future prospects dim, Bass did pretty much the only thing he could do: keep writing and making music.

On the new track "Yodel," Houston band the Wheel Workers back the socio-politcally and symbolically potent songs of Steven Higginbotham with an equally potent mix of punk, folk and experimental sounds.

Like an unknown outtake from "Odyssey and Oracle" or even "Magical Mystery Tour," the finely harmonized and arranged "Lauren Lorraine" by Summer Fiction pulls back the veil on an exquisite and personal view of baroque psychedelic pop.

Luke Doucet and Melissa McClelland made their name together as Whitehorse by recording well-crafted, textured Americana. But nothing the Canadian duo has released could prepare listeners for the thundering, bluesy fuzz-rock of "Downtown."

Postmodern and pre-modern at once, the orchestral, piano-based ballad "Wounds Grow Grass" by Lauryn Peacock waltzes out of a wine-warmed cabaret from Berlin in the 1920s or maybe from just around the corner here and now.

A clacking, bumbing, glitching, body-moving cover of…Fleet Foxes? No, you haven't fallen down the mashup rabbit hole. You've just found EDM pop artist Goldroom (aka Josh Legg from Los Angeles) and his surprising take on "Mykonos."

Rhythmically and percussively dense, and stacked to the sky with guitars and keyboards, "Better Days" by Glasgow, Scotland band Kill the Waves, is as persuasive as stadium-ready, experimentally-minded post-rock gets.

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