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Mark Glass

Reviewed by Mark Glass
This month's selection of documentaries and TV fare on DVD starts with a bonanza. What movie buff wouldn't enjoy the nine-disc boxed set from the Biography series, Legends of the Silver Screen? They add up to about eleven hours of clips, interviews and comments on many of the greats - Katherine Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart, James Dean, Clint Eastwood, Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Shirley Temple and Betty Boop.

Reviewed by Mark Glass
This set of movies on DVD includes several two-disc special-edition releases of major hits, loaded with bonus features, just in time for all the gift-giving occasions coming up in May and June.

Reviewed by Mark Glass
This month's releases of documentaries on DVD run the gamut from inspiration to aggravation to sounding alarms. Coincidentally with the glitzy, computer-enhanced action flick, 300, celebrating brilliant stand at Thermopylae in 480 A.D. by a small cadre of Spartans against a massive Persian army, the History Channel's Last Stand of the 300 shows even more persuasively how valiant and significant their sacrifice proved to be.

Monday, 29 November 1999 19:00

June 2007 Video Releases, Part 1 (TV on DVD)

Reviewed by Mark Glass
The month's batch of TV series on DVD release includes a BBC bonanza of new treats, at least new to this reviewer. Long before he became something of an icon on HBO's edgy western, Deadwood, Ian McShane enjoyed about six years of renown in the U.K. as the roguishly engaging antique dealer, Lovejoy

Reviewed by Mark Glass
This month's documentaries on DVD give you a choice among being scared, inspired or informed. Beginning with the dire warnings, A Crude Awakening and Terrorstorm 2nd Edition might convince you to cash in your savings and indulge yourself before society turns post-Apocalyptic.

Reviewed by Mark Glass
For the heat of midsummer, let's start with some intense dramas among these new DVD releases. On the action side, Mark Wahlberg excels as a top military and covert-ops sniper, urged from retirement allegedly to protect the President, only to find himself the patsy for a more devious plot in The Shooter. For most of the film he's on the run, scrambling to clear his name and expose the real culprits.

Monday, 29 November 1999 19:00

August 2007 Video Releases

Reviewed by Mark Glass

This month's movies on DVD opens with The Lives of Others - the intense German political thriller that won last year's Oscar for Best Foreign Picture. Compared to the pyrotechnics of most espionage fare, this psychological drama studies a conflicted Stasi agent charged with spying on a popular playwright, whose ideas and lifestyle might be too Western for East German standards before reunification.

Reviewed by Mark Glass

This month's TV on DVD fare is long on comedy - old and new. Many think of 1977's debut of Soap as the first prime-time spoof of "Å“daytime dramas" , mostly because of breakout stars Billy Crystal, Robert Guillaume ,Richard Mulligan and Katherine Helmond. But the year before, Norman Lear's Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman actually broke the ice, with Louise Lasser's highly dysfunctional family and friends (notably Mary Kay Place's Emmy-winning, endearing country-western aspirant, Loretta) starting the salvos of silliness.

Reviewed by Mark Glass

This set of films on DVD release starts with one of those rare slam-dunk Oscar performances. When I screened The Queen, I knew instantly Helen Mirren would wind up with the Best Actress statue, or there was an even more amazing performance yet to come from somewhere. Her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth in the trying period of dealing with the shocking death of Princess Di, and a new England and world around her, demanding more emotional engagement from their monarch than she'd been bred for, after eons of stiff-upper-lip dignity as the template, not only fascinated Anglophiles, but made a memorable fictionalized journey into their inner circle for everyone. 

Saturday, 14 November 2009 19:00

November 2009 DVD Reviews, Part 2

TV on DVD and Documentaries
Reviewed by Mark Glass
A couple of new DVD releases of vintage TV fare remind us how tricky nostalgia can be. Growing up in the 1950s meant that Zorro ranked with the Lone Ranger, Davy Crockett, Richard Boone's Paladin and several other icons from Television's Golden Age of westerns. Those who preceded me may have started the bond with Tyrone Power's 1940 movie. Older still? How about Douglas Fairbanks as this Robin Hood of old California in the 1920s? (Trivia buffs may know that Clayton Moore donned the Zorro mask for a late 1940s serial before spending the rest of his life as TLR (not the Cardinals' manager; the dude who rode Silver and palled around with Tonto).

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