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Meghan McGlynn

Kate Nash has something to say -- and that's not just something I inferred from the title of her 2013 release, "Girl Talk." No, she has made it clear she has a message: "Be brave. And be kind."

The stories about the 40-day dream that birthed Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros (Jade? Alexander!) abound, and I, for one, was janglin' to know just who is this messianic figurehead.

Thao Nguyen may be spending her days traversing the country by way of tour bus, putting on shows and taking part in numerous summer music festivals (she and the Get Down Stay Down hit St. Louis for a show at Off Broadway this Sunday, August 18), but that's not all she's up to.

I think I'll defer to Joe Pug for a description of last night's Twangfest at the Duck Room: "Words are just words."

Tuesday, 19 February 2013 14:40

Samantha Crain 2/19/13

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Although there's no shortage of guitar-strumming female vocalists today, not all of them cram as much into such a small package as Samantha Crain.

The only true voyage of discovery…would be not to visit strange lands 
but to possess other eyes, to behold the universe through the eyes of another… 
to behold the hundred universes that each of them beholds, that each of them is. --Marcel Proust, "Remembrance of Things Past"

Maybe you fell in love with the Glen Hansard busking on a street corner in Dublin, wearing a bedraggled broken coat, strumming on a well-worn, hole-y, broken guitar, wailing about his miserable broken heart.

It's not fair to compare two musicians merely because they both happen to be female singer-songwriters and both happen to wear big, dark glasses and both seem riddled with angst and both have odd four-part names (Fiona Apple McAfee Maggart / Ingrid Ellen Egbert Michaelson); and it's definitely not fair to compare them simply because they played in succession in the same town (Saturday then Monday).

He with his naked soul shall pierce into the other naked souls… - Plato, "Gorgias"

Thursday, 31 May 2012 14:01

Class Actress 5/31/12

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In a reverse story arc as old as Hollywood itself, Elizabeth Harper left Southern California for New York in search of an acting career.

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