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Michael Dauphin

Here you have it: a list of the top ten songs of 2012 that damaged my car speakers, headphones, and hearing, and rattled all the priceless artwork off my walls. I suppose that's only half true, but these songs are good none the less.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012 11:58

Polica 2/28/12

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On its debut album "Give You the Ghost" Polica doesn't beat you over the head with catchy hooks and sing-along choruses. The Minneapolis band takes a more welcoming approach.

While 2011 certainly provided plenty of top-shelf records, I want to do KDHX readers a solid, and as opposed to you running out and buying every album I mention, like I know you certainly would, I put together a cheat sheet of some of my favorite songs.

Rock & roll can be a monotonous beast sometimes. The tour, write, record, tour cycle can wear thin on a band when money’s coming in small spurts and there are several mouths to feed.

I haven’t spent time in Northern Alabama, but I feel like I know the place like the back of my hand. I could probably guide someone from Huntsville due west to Muscle Shoals, to Sheffield, then up north to Florence.

Friday, 31 December 2010 13:45

Top 15 songs of 2010

Here's my list of favorite 15 songs of 2011, some you may know, others that may surprise you.

Sunday, 23 May 2010 12:11

The Most Serene Republic 5/23/10

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In the spirit of fellow Canadians Arcade Fire and Broken Social Scene before them, the Most Serene Republic has that special knack for crafting infectious orchestral pop tunes -- all the while trudging their own path along the way.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010 20:10

Futurebirds 11/15/10

Corralled from front porches, basement couches and backyard bonfires around Athens, Ga., the six fellas that comprise Futurebirds seem to have an appreciation for the rich, southern gothic, independent music history their hometown has birthed (see R.E.M., the Elephant Six Collective and Drive-By Truckers).

Two Cow Garage
Sweet Saint Me
Suburban Home Records

The exact year is debatable, but shortly after the plug was pulled on the '90s, punkers had their genre stolen from right under ‘em. The Sum-182 mall brats were popping up left and right, and punks felt cheated. Some went along for the ride, some abruptly jumped ship and some took refuge with another genre that was deeply rooted beneath punk soil: country. Except, naturally, when a bunch of punks play it, it’s going to sound a little more distorted and jarring.

Mavis Staples
You Are Not Alone

It's refreshing to see some modern indie mainstays charging a jolt into these legendary masters of song. To name just a few, we've recently seen Drive-By Truckers turn down their amps and turn up the soul with under-appreciated '60s diva Bettye LaVette, and then they wasted no time in getting funky with Booker T. We saw Okkervil River rejuvenate Roky Erickson's psychedelic juices. Heck, even Jack White managed to work with Loretta Lynn to help her produce, arguably, one of her best albums.

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