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Neville Mur

Monday, 29 November 1999 19:00

The Pajama Game

The Muny

Through 7/29/2007
Reviewed by Neville Mur
A hell of a lot of fun even if it is slightly dated, Pajama Game opened Monday night [July 23, 2007] at the Muny with a rousing rendition offered by a talented cast that infused the audience with some of the great old songs and wonderful dance numbers in this show which opened 53 years ago, and enjoyed a revival last year on Broadway.

Monday, 29 November 1999 19:00

The Lion King

Fox Theatre

Through 7/29/2007
Reviewed by Neville Mur

Spectacle, Pageant, Sensation, these are some of the nouns you might use to describe the sights and human emotions that one would experience as a member of the audience observing Disney's The Lion King.

The Playhouse at West Port Plaza

Through 11/11/2007
Reviewed by Neville Mur
Delightful, delicious, delectable, that's what this piece of entertainment is for the theatergoer attending this comedic, thought provoking, fun filled musical romp now playing at the Playhouse at West Port Plaza.

Monday, 29 November 1999 19:00

Cooking With Marge

Minions Café

Through 11/17/2007
Reviewed by Neville Mur
Animal, Vegetable, mischievous fun, that's what's served up at Cooking With Marge starring Linda Spall as the eccentric culinary expert, Marjoram Fennel in her one-woman dinner theatre performance now playing at Minions Café on restaurant row, 7322 Manchester Road in Maplewood, on intermittent Saturdays. Contributors

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