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Beep Beep Membership Drive tonight!

What is KDHX to you? Maybe it's your favorite radio show or personality - or many of them. Maybe you heard a band you had never heard of before, then went out and bought all five (or ten) of their albums. Maybe you won tickets from KDHX, to the best show of your life.


KDHX is proud to acheive these goals every day with listeners and fans. And each membership drive, each show has a goal to meet, in the hopes of garnering support from fans that responds to all the hard work put in by all of our volunteers and staff.


As a DJ, I've never felt more humbled that you listen. That someone would enjoy the same type of music as I do. So if you are able to make a contribution during my show tonight (9-11 p.m.), please do! You will be keeping us connected through music - something that would be nearly impossible without KDHX.


You can call in tonight 9-11 p.m. at 314-664-3688, or you can donate online anytime in the next few days via this link:


beep beep!


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