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Best of the Year 2010

I am notoriously bad at creating Best of lists (just ask Roy Kasten, who have given up even asking me for them at this point).  Mostly my problem is that I can't, in good conscience, list an album as a top ten favorite if I don't love (or even really know) the whole album. And honestly, for the last couple of years, I haven't been bowled over by any entire albums and thus no lists from me. I could much more easily list individual songs I really liked, or even albums that I would venture to say are pretty good based on the few songs I heard regularly. But a top ten list of albums? I just can't commit that way.

One exception this year, and it is an EP, is the Cold War Kids Behave Yourself EP. I can absolutely commit to saying I love all four songs. I would also think it's safe to say that Elvis Costello's National Ransom is a solid album's worth of really good stuff. If you are already a fan of Interpol, their latest self-titled album on Matador Records is a continuation of their signature sound with perhaps a bit more bite; I like everything I've heard anyway.

I've never been a big fan of Belle and Sebastian, but I do love the title track to their new album Write About Love. The rest of the record seems to be pretty standard B&S fare and thus I'm not really interested. I can barely tolerate the art-student antics of Of Montreal, but I've only ever liked a song here and there. This year their "Coquet Coquette" killed me. I have nothing less than love for that song. And while the rest of the world bowed at the feet of Janelle Monae, I disliked what I heard of her album and her collaborations with Of Montreal.

Lately I seem to have an affinity for bands that have what I would call a downbeat sound. Kind of sad, kind of dreamy, but with a forcefulness.  I really like everything I've heard from Owen Pallett and his Swedish Love Song EP. Erland and the Carnival's Trouble in Mind EP is growing on me. And it's from last year of course, but Mumford & Sons Sigh No More (particularly the exquisite "Little Lion Man") probably fits into this category as well. Put the new Dead Heart Bloom, Strange Waves, into this list too.

I will leave you with a new band I've only heard one song from, but it's one that shows a lot of promise for me. The band is called We Can't Enjoy Ourselves (I am not in love with that name) and the song, "Charming Man" is a keeper. You can get a whole album free for download right here:

Discussion started by Cat Pick , on 1214 days ago
Cat Pick
The new Radiohead was being predicted for sometime in 2010 as early as January 2010, but obviously nothing has happened. I believe they have scratched the entire first attempt and started over. I think Elbow did the same thing, actually.

Glad you liked the Lee Dorsey set; sometimes I wonder if my connections many any sense to anyone other than myself so it's nice to hear that they occasionally do. : )
1213 days ago
rl brown
I agree with you - it seems there are increasingly few albums that are completely strong from beginnning to end. I'm with you on Mumford & Sons (little lion man was an obsession of mine for a couple of months there). I'm a Magnetic Fields fan & kinda liked Realism("you must be out of your mind") but I wouldn't say it was their best offering. I totally loved Robert Plant's album - Band of Joy. The whole album was very strong.

I am a fan of b&s and I do like their new album (i only have a couple of songs though).

I hadn't heard a new Radiohead album was imminent (great!).

I picked up "Audience" by cwk's its really cool. tyvm for the recommendation.

btw, your lee dorsey --> elvis c/allen t totally made my morning on monday. tyvm

1213 days ago
Cat Pick
I forgot to add some very relevant information for 2011! I'm expecting releases from three of my very favorite artists in the early part of the year.

Finally (FINALLY!) Elbow is ready to release a new album in March.

Cold War Kids release a full length in January:

And it doesn't seem likely that Radiohead will get their latest out in 2010, but SURELY we will get something new in 2011. Fingers crossed.
1214 days ago

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