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Loufest Survival Hints

Hello again, with LouFest coming up this weekend I thought I'd give you a few tips for two days of all day musical goodness. We hope a lot of folks are going to check it. I'm no expert on this stuff, but a very happy veteran of a dozen or so multi-day festivals. This probably isn't anything revelatory, no moments where Bugs Bunny might shout, "Eureka!", but just some reminders so you can make it from first chord to the final cymbal crash in good shape.
  • Water. The weather is tracking right now to be sunny with temps in the mid to high 80's so you probably won't need massive amounts of H20 but bear it in mind. This is St. Louis, after all, so that could change. You can bring up to a 1 liter bottle of water in, take advantage. If you're drinking water flavored with hops and barley, don't be that guy face down on the ground being ill treated for YouTube. That has nothing to do with hyrdration, just don't be that person.
  • Sunscreen. If you are only going to be there late afternoon on, sunburn probably isn't a big worry. But if you're in for the whole thing, bring a tube with you. Otherwise, there's a normally comfortable shirt will feel like that chair of needles Han Solo was tortured in halfway through Empire. You might want to wear a hat for extra solar protection.
  • If you stay for any length of time you're probably gonna get dirty. Balance your fashion desires with how easy it will be to clean your (and maybe other people's) sweat, sunscreen, and everything else off of it.
  • Ear plugs. That much music could make your ears ring like crazy. Maybe I'm showing some age...
  • You'll be on your feet a lot, and other people might be on your feet too so I recommend skipping open toe footwear.
I hope that helps! If you see a well hydrated guy, covered in SPF900, wearing orange ear plugs, and sportin' some dope head gear say hi. It's probably going to be me.
Discussion started by Nick Cowan , on 1162 days ago

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