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Top 5 British Psych-Pop Tracks

Good friend of the blog and show, Mick Capewell of Marmalade Skies, is having a poll:

Hi all, MS has been a bit dead this year because I've been a bit too busy with the Radio thing, and also not feeling too well, but how about we get things moving again with a good old Poll? But this year we
won't have a HOPS Poll. Instead let's have a special poll in which we discover what is your favourite British Psych Pop Song.


Please send me your Top 5 Brit Psych-Pop tracks (in order of preference). Top nominations will receive 5 points, down to the 5th nomination receiving 1 point. When the poll closes I'll tot up the scores and play the top rated tracks on my world renowned (ahem) Rose Coloured Glasses show (In December, exact dates TBC.)

The poll is open now, so please send your votes to me at The
poll closes at midnight 30th November 2010, so plenty of time for you to think about your nominations. (Oh, and just so we don't end up with long, heated debates about which songs qualify for the poll...well... Psychedelia, Psych-Pop, Pop-Sike, Freakbeat, Sunshine Pop, Toytown's all good, and if YOU think that a song qualifies then vote for it. (Same applies to the 'Is it British' question in cases such as the JH Experience)) Any era, any length, anything you like. I look forward to receiving your votes.


Discussion started by valis Hertel , on 1939 days ago
Steve Wood
On re-reading that, Mick's Sunday show (19:00 GMT) is titled "The Lighthouse", but wearing of Rose Coloured Glasses will be of great benefit, if not essential.
1890 days ago
Steve Wood
Hi Everyone. Can't wait to hear the results of the Top 30 British Psychedelia Pop Song Poll, being broadcast by my good friend and colleague Mick Capewell on his Rose Coloured Glasses show on Sunday 12 December 2010. To listen in, goto at 19:00 GMT (which I make 13:00 Central standard Time, but do check, won't you) and click on "Listen Online". Mick plans to play the top 30, and a selection of other candidates. Three hours of magic.
1890 days ago
Cliff Cook
Can't wait to listen in on Sunday 12th Don't even care if none of my selections feature as there's bound to be some superb audio fayre to grace the Sennheisers.
1891 days ago
Great stuff valis and Mick,

Looking forward to what will be an outstanding 3 hours of audio. It'll be a belter....

Gary S.
1894 days ago
gary hughes
Excellent Mick, cant wait to hear the show
1894 days ago
valis Hertel
THANKS, to everyone who took the time to bend their mind on this. Tough to choose just five from what seems a staggering amount of great tracks when you start thinking about it. The following is from Mick Capewell:

Poll is now closed!
Thanks to everyone who sent their votes. Interesting results :-)

What I'm planning to do is broadcast the results LIVE on one of my
globe-spanning internet radio shows :-) It'll probably be on the SUNDAY, 12th
DECEMBER edition of my 3 hour show, The Lighthouse, between 7 and 10pm at:

Hundreds of songs received at least one point but I think I'll end up running
down the Top 30 and, depending on time, I'll also play some of the tracks that
were picked as Top Choices by individual voters but which didn't receive enough
(or any!) support from other people to make the Top 30.
After the show's done, I'll obviously put the results up onto MS.
That's the plan anyway. If it changes I'll let you know.

Mick C
1895 days ago
Doug Stewart
Barely making it in under the wire, as I dithered over whether all these tracks meet the (admittedly generous) criteria:

1. Armenia City in the Sky -- The Who
2. Hold On -- Les Fleur de Lys
3. Psych Out -- The Seers
4. Supersonic -- Oasis
5. She's So High -- Blur
1898 days ago
Steve Wood
Greetings all readers.
OK. Here goes...As at 5 November, when I submitted the list to Mick

1. The Imposters Of Life's Magazine - Idle Race
2. Rainboland - Morning Star
3. Come See Me - Pretty Things
4. How Does It Feel To Feel - Creation
5. Vacuum Cleaner - Tintern Abbey
1901 days ago
gary hughes
1. Tomorrow Never Knows - The Beatles
2. Don't Wait for Me - White Noise Sound
3. Interstellar Overdrive - Pink Floyd
4. Just Like Honey - The Jesus and Mary Chain
5. Revolution - Spacemen 3
1908 days ago
At this point in time;

1. Astronomy Domine, Pink Floyd (always)
2. Untitled #1, The Koolaid Electric Company
3. Don't Fight It, Feel It, Primal Scream
4. If I Were With Her Now, Spiritualized
5. The Happy Mondays, Wrote For Luck (Think About The Future Mix)..... listen to it full bung!!!!!!!!

I'm on a nostalgia trip at the moment I may add -I'm sure, as with everyone.... this list will change in 10 minutes, and then every 10 minutes there after.


1914 days ago
gerard mcdonald
1) Path Through the Forest - Factory
2) Father's Name Is Dad - Fire
3) My Friend Jack - Smoke
4) Third Degree - Marc Bolan
5) Tomorrow Never Knows - Beatles

This will be different this time next year, I suspect. You know how fluid these things are, and also how capricious the human mind is, Valis, old chap.
1916 days ago
Always tricky these 'bout:

1. Tomorrow Never Knows - The Beatles
2. Vacuum Cleaner - Tintern Abbey
3. Royston Rose - The Koobas
4. Subway (Smokey Pokey World) - The Tickle
5. Caught In A Web - Tomorrow
1917 days ago
Kevin McFadin
I'm just going off the top of the noggin {á la Cliff …} … wiggle room please!

Lucifer Sam :: Pink Floyd
I Can See For Miles :: The Who
My White Bicycle :: Tomorrow
Blue Jay Way :: The Beatles
Silver Machine :: Hawkwind

… and this will all change in about 5 minutes …

1926 days ago
Cliff Cook
Hi Valis (& Mike)

I love a good poll, incidental as they may be for they're all subjective after all, what constitutes a great tune is all, 'in the ear of the beholder.' I decided not to spend too much time on this poll and have gone with the first 5 tracks that sprung to mind, so here goes but in no particular order of preference:

1) The Pretty Things - Old Man Going
2) The Aliens - Billy Jack
3) Primal Scream - Trip Inside This House
4) Please - Strangeways
5) The Orange Machine - Real Life Permanent Dream (An Irisn band I realise, hailing from Dublin but figured we weren't gonna be too pedantic here)

I look forward to seeing what other fans of psychedelic sounds come up with.

Love & Rockets,

1933 days ago

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