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Listener Suggestions

Have an idea for a "theme" show you'd like to hear..? Talk about it within this discussion topic.

As an "F Y I," I'm working on quite a few for future shows:

-an(other) "All Sitar" Special

-a "Stoner Rock" Special (as a sub-genre of Psychedelia)

-an "All St. Louis Psychedelia" Special (taking longer than I'd first imagined.)

...and may more in the gestation-of-an-idea stage.

Your ideas are welcome. Always. Thanks for listening!



Discussion started by -valis Hertel , on 1514 days ago
-valis Hertel
Great idea Terri!!!
1450 days ago
Terri Karnessis
Maybe highlight scenes in certain cities.....New York, Sydney, Melbourne, Los Angeles, San Fran??
1451 days ago
7th Yarba
just listened to Oriental sunshine album Dedicated to the Bird We Love - liberal sprinkling of sitars all through that, might be a bit 'folky' though - also listening to Asian Dub Foundation at the moment - drum and bass with sitars!
1495 days ago
7th Yarba
i love the sitar sound, making a comeback, even tried to use it myself! loving raga by the doctors on their album by aeroplane, its free from here, BJM and High Dials use the sitar alot, don't come around here no more by tom petty is my guilty pleasure (don't tell anyone - my secrets safe here right?) Lebanese Blonde by theievry corporation is supremo chilled would be good for wee small hours, anything by Talvin Singh particularly off his genre smashing album OK, elysian feels by fsol (amorphous androgynous) would be nice. as far as 60's tunes go the daddy has to be paint it black by the stones, but so many more, found a good wiki link
1505 days ago
-valis Hertel
Duly noted Dan....thanks!
1510 days ago
All 52 minutes of Iao Chant From the Cosmic Inferno by Acid Mothers Temple, mmmwuaahahaha!

For seriousness- how about something/someone in the same vein as the Bruce Palmer- The Cycle is Complete you played a while ago.

1510 days ago
Dan Kinney
I am a douche, meant Syd Barrett, duh!
1510 days ago
Dan Kinney
Late 60's English psychedlia- i.e. Giles , Giles, and Fripp. Pete Sinefield, Syd Barrow, Soft Machine, Gong, etc...
1510 days ago
-valis Hertel
Hail Yarba, 7th in the illustrious line!

Like your suggestions, multiple as they are.

I've played quite a few tracks off Old Growth by Dead Meadow, but that certainly doesn't preclude their being played again, (and again.) Same for the mighty one-man wonder that is Dead Mellotron, although I don't think I have played the track you're suggesting. I have the Naam release, self-titled, but haven't aired anything from it.., and Nebula, must, must'n't one?

Also, I'll take up your suggestion for a new Discussion topic, "What Is Stoner Rock?"
1510 days ago
7th Yarba
greetings and salutations my hovering monolithic pyramidical friend! how wonderful to see you floating through the cyberweb like a wise and ancient (and hopefully friendly?) dalek, all-seeng eye calmly surveying the supercities of data, headphones (or should that be traingphones) plugged in hearing all there is to hear.

i like your sugegstion thread and have been giving much serious psychedlia, hmmm - best leave that to the experts, i like that, much good sitar out there, our good friends the BJM went through a phase of this, tragically cut short when "that motherf*cker broke my sitar" as anton so deftly put it. I was recently impressed with the elephant stone albums use of sitar although, genrally i was left a little cold. there are many more i am sure and i shall keep my antannea fully tuned to pass on any i hear.

stoner rock - now here i have given some thought, many many bands in this genre, recently enjoyed nebula, causa sui of course, naam i liked, however as a qualifier i must add i believe most of the bands i listen to to be stoned, even those paragons of trad rock tom petty seem to be constantly stoned! my favourite songs heard so far that i imagine have never ever been honoured with radio play would be those Texas rockers Dead Mellotron and the wonderful song 'i hate the way things are' and our good friend felix of the amazing electronic talking cave and the song from his album 'green maiden' called 'no more' that i find abasolutley enchanting - if you could find airtime for either of these songs i would be forever in your debt. oh! and anyhting from Dead Meadow album old growth - perhaps we need a discussion titled 'what is stoner rock?'

your humble listener, yarba
1511 days ago

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