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Bye Bye Magnolia Ave.: Signing out.

Party like it's 2001. For my final show at Magnolia Ave. Studios I'll be playing some music from that year, most of which we played on The Morning Show-Tuesday or Tuesday Morning Show (& later called When The Levee Breaks) which I co-hosted with Mary Kaye for 5 years. I don't remember the exact date that I first went on air at KDHX but I think it was either in Feb or March of 2001. Thanks to Tony Renner, who encouraged me to apply (he may have encouraged everyone he ran into for all I know) at my favorite now-gone Mexican restaurant on Cherokee (& all of St. Louis for that matter), Azteca. Great Gorditas, beans were vegetarian thanks to his Nun friends, Avacado Tacos.... El Chico expanded East to take over that space, but I digress.
There were 5 separate solo or duo's going on air to replace the long running Morning Show hosted by Roy St. John, Otis Woodard and Marylin. They did the The Morning Show (the place to hear Al Green & Van Morrison in STL) 5 days a week and when they left, it was decided to make the morning drive more like the rest of the schedule with volunteer programmers doing slightly different shows every day. We did Tues, Darren Snow (& for a while a very brief co-host) did Mon, Steve Pick did Weds, Dr. Jeffrey Hallazgo did Thurs, & Linda Serrafini (& for a while co-host Neil (?)) did Friday. Those line ups didn't last too long. Darren teamed up with The JB, John Wendland eventually took over Thursday (moving from the 4-6am time slot right before us, after Cricket moved her show to the weekend) when Dr. Jeff moved to afternoons, Cat Pick moved Emotional Rescue from Monday nights to Thursday (& now Monday) mornings, Steve moved to Fridays, Darren went solo from Mon to Tuesday. & Roy Kasten did a few other mid morning time slots (I think Saturdays and Weds?) before settling into his current home on Weds.
There were a few others mixed in the multiple morning change ups for several years. Most noteable Tim Rakel took his Graveyard Yard Shift show (originally on before us after John moved times, from 4-6am on Tues) to Mystery Train on Friday early morning to his current time on Mondays from 10-Noon.
My first involvement with KDHX came in 1986/87 with my friends Paul Trunnell and David Shewmaker go out to the transmitter site and help the crew do some random work on the grounds. When I moved back to St. Louis in 1994 I began working membership drives by answering phones and dropping off organic produce that I was growing (I remember leaving a case of Hot Peppers once) and later baked goods.
In 2006 I moved to Weds afternoons from 2-4pm, sandwiched between two Jeffs (Jeff Hess & Dr. Jeff). What do you get between an Afternoon Delight & The Big Bang? An Uncontrollable Urge. A couple years later I leap frogged over Afternoon Delight following Roy Kasten from 10am to Noon. This August I moved up to Noon -2pm, now sandwiched between Steam Powered Radio & Hip City. So I may kick off next week's show, my first show at the new building like it's 2006, but not sure yet.
Biggest memories of my early days: Gene Roberts & Co. showing up 3 hours before their show began (Kip Loui and later Jeff Corbin followed When The Levee Breaks before Gene did Country Function Bluegrass Junction), John Hartford died in June 2001, I remember paying tribute to him. Mary Kaye and I did a "Cat Themed Show". And of course we were on air on September 11. Thankfully for us the news came through after we got off the air and it was Kip's job to share the news. Thankfully there was some good music that came out in 2001 and if you turn on the radio at noon you can hear some of it. It's been a great almost 13 years for me at Magnolia and this will be my last stroll over there.

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