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Tuesday, 07 January 2014 15:13

KDHX Charts - Hip Hop - 2014-1-7

Rank Artist Recording Label
1 NATO CALIPH Understanding Understood  
2 SEAN PRICE AND M-PHAZES Land Of The Crooks  
3 JAH ORAH AND KD ASSASSIN Used To Be Derrick And Bobby  
4 RICK ROSS Mastermind  
5 DUDLEY PERKINS Dr. Stokley Mello
6 MARCO POLO PA2: The Directors Cut Soulspazm
7 EARL SWEATSHIRT Doris Columbia-Tan Cressida
8 RAKIM "Madiba" [Single] COMPLEX
9 BISHOP NEHRU "Exhale" [Single]  
10 A$AP MOB "Trillmatic" [Single]  


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