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The Clancy Tradition

The Classics

The Classics Music Records

The Clock Tower

The Cloudsmen

The Clumsy Lovers

The Coats

The Coffis Brothers & the Mountain Men

The Comedy Store

The Communion Label

The Compound

The Concept

The Control Group

The Copyright Group

The Council

The Country Music Foundation Inc

The Current

The D.A. Music

The Daisy Label

The Damwell Betters

The Danish Folk Council

The Dave Cash Collection

The Dave Cash Collection - OMP

The DeadBangers Company

The Deadfields

The Deadly Gentlemen

The Delegators

The Delta Routine

The Delta Saints

The Demos

The Devils Own Jukebox

The Dials

The Difference Engine

The Dig

The Dirty 30's

The Dirty Sock Funtime Band

The District Attorneys

The Dogon Society/Decon

The Doo-Dads

The Doughboys

The Down Hill Strugglers

The Dream Logic

The Dreamtree Shakers

The Dunes

The Dustbowl Revival

The Early Days

The Echo Label

The Eighth Note

The Elusive Goldmine

The End

The End Records


The Entertainers

The Eskimo Record Label

The Estate Of Jerry Garcia

The Estate Of Jerry Garcia LLC

The estern Satellites

The Everest Record Group

The Ex-Girlfriends Club

The Exboyfriends

The Extremities

The Fab Four Corp. / Robo Records

The Fabulous Fox / Mackley Organ Service

The Faculty / Duck Down Music Inc.

The Faculty/Duck Down Music Inc.

The Famous

The Famous Charisma Label

The Famous Groove

The Farm


The Feed

The Fever Zone

The Fiddler (UK)

The First Time

The Five and Dimers

The Flame

The Flamin' Oh's

The Flavr Blue


The Flower Machine

The Fog Lights

The Foghorn Stringband

The Fontaines

The Foreign Exchange Music

The Forge Mountain Diggers

The Fraidies

The Frolics

The Frozen Food Section

The G

The Gaia Project

The Galt Line Band

The Gaslights

The Get Down Boys

The Geyer Street Sheiks

The Ghost is Clear

The Ghost is Clear Records

The Gift of Music

The Glass Cavalry

The Go-Betweens

The Gold Label

The Golden Fleece

The Good Ms. Padgett

The Goodtime Engineers

The Gordons

The Gothard Sisters

The Great American Music Company

The Great Barrier Reefs

The Great Grandfathers

The Great Vitamin Mystery

The Grievous Angels

The Grouch & Eligh Music

The Growl

The HailMarys

The Hall of Justus

The Harmans

The Hate My Day Jobs

The Heebie Jeebies

The Heels

The Helium Tapes

The Help Desk

The High 48s

The High Violets

The HillBenders

The Hip Replacement

The HipNecks

The Hipwaders

The Hits

The Home Team Music Group

The Honey Dewdrops

The Honey Trees

The Honorable South

The Hoot Hoots

The Hoot Music Company

The Horseflies

The Hotmud Famiy

The Hours/Polydor

The House Jacks

The House On The Rock

The Hudson Brothers

The Human Beinz

The Hundred Days

The Hydrothermal Vents

The Ian Anderson Group Of Companies/F2K

The Icarus Account

the imaginary kind

The Incurables

The India Trading Company under exclusive license to Equato…

The Insidious Rays

The Instrument Village

The International Lo-Fi Underground

The Island


The Jans Project

The Jazz Butcher

The Jeremiah Johnson Band With The Sliders

The Jet Rodriguez

The Jezabels

The Jimmies

The Johnny Popstar Luv Explosion

The Joint Effect

The Jones Experience

The Josh Garrett Band

The Joy Formidable

The Jukes

The Jungle Fire

The Jungle Giants

The Kellys

The Kennedys

The Kennedys, LLC

The Kids At Our House

The King of Rocksprings

The King's English

The Kings of Mongrel Folk

The Kingsburys

The Kingsmen

The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society (3-dis…

The Kipper Family

The Knickerbocker All-Stars

The Label

The Label Industry Records

The Lassie Foundation

The Last Label/ZTT(UK)

The Latin Project

The Laws

The Leaf Label

The Lewd

The Lifeguards

The Lighthouse And The Whaler

The Lights

The Line of Best Fit

The Link Family

The Listening Party

The Living Kills

The Lonely Wild

The Lonesome Pines

The Long Field

The Lost Bayou Ramblers

The Lost Patrol

The Lost Pines

The Lottery

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