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Spinitron - KDHX Label: FM Records

88.1 KDHX Saint Louis

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FM Records


Disks on FM Records logged in KDHX's playlists:

Artist Disk Year

Andreas Andreopoulos

The Peloponnese - 18 traditional songs

Chrisoula Christopoulou/Kostas Pavlidis

Songs of Greece's Gypsies

Evgenia Verra

The Peloponnese - 18 traditional songs


Kurbeti: Music Of Albania's Gypsies


Lutan Fyah

Rasta Revolution, vol. 1

Music from the Balkans Vol 1

Albania, Central Balkan 1929-1940

Music of the Balkans Vol. 1

Albania, Central Balkans 1929-1940

Music of the Balkans Vol. 2

Bulgaria and Turkey 1930-1945

Music of the Balkans, Vol. 2

Bulgaria and Turkey, 1930-1945

Radi Angelov (klarino) & Kavalziev ensemble

Music Of The Balkans, Vol. 2 - Bulgaria, Turkey (1930 - 1945)

Sotiris Papazoglou & to sygkrotima tou Christou Kouroudi

I Lalitades Tis Megalis Doxiparas - Tragoudia Tis Thrakis Me Ton Sotiri Papazoglou & to Sygkrotima Tou Christou Kouroudi


Theodosia Stinga

The Peloponnese - 18 traditional songs

Δημήτρης Καλογήρου

Στου Χωριου το Πανηγυρι

Θεοδοσια Στίγκα

ΣτΟΥ Χοριου ΤΟ Πανηγυρι

Νίκος Καλαϊντζής


Στελλα Μαρνελακι

Τα νησιώτικα 2

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